Two decades after Sean Benton died, let's hope 2018 brings the answers his family deserve

For Sean’s family, for those who served at Deepcut barracks, for everyone who wants people who fight for their country to be treated with the respect they deserve, we hope the new Coroner can finally uncover the truth about what happened to Sean Benton.

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Private Sean Benton inquest WILL examine evidence of bullying at Deepcut barracks

20 September 2017

A coroner has today ruled that the fresh inquest into the death of Private Sean Benton in 1995 will examine wider allegations of bullying and abuse at Deepcut barracks.

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Attorney General grants permission for fresh Deepcut inquest application

25 March 2014

Today the Attorney General gave consent for Liberty, acting on behalf of the family of Cheryl James, to apply to the High Court for a new inquest into her death. Cheryl, 18, was undergoing initial training at Deepcut Barracks in 1995 when she was found dead with a bullet wound between her right eye and the bridge of her nose.

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Hillsborough: The truth at last

Never has the value of transparency been any starker than this week, when the horrifying full facts of the Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 football fans lost their lives, were finally laid bare.

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Secrets out

In a scene reminiscent of the campaign against 42-day pre-charge detention under the last Government, parliamentarians from across the spectrum, lawyers, journalists and our sister NGOs met to discuss the terrifying Secret Justice Green Paper yesterday afternoon.

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Article 2: Right to life

There has been very little public education about the rights and freedoms in the Human Rights Act and how it works. As a result, many myths and misunderstandings have sprung up about the HRA – including who it does and doesn’t protect and what values it contains.

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Liberty responds to 7/7 inquest

06 May 2011

In response to coroner Lady Justice Hallett's findings at the 7/7 inquest today, Liberty Director Shami Chakrabarti said:

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How the Human Rights Act delivered justice for the Bryant family

This week the jury returned its verdict following a six-week inquest into the death of Naomi Bryant. The jury found that a shocking catalogue of failings, by every agency involved, had directly contributed to Naomi’s death. It was a remarkable conclusion to a long-running, distressing ordeal.

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Bryant inquest reopens

28 January 2011

The inquest into the death of Naomi Bryant – murdered in 2005 by convicted sex offender Anthony Rice – will begin Monday 31 January, after being abandoned in March 2010 when new information about public authorities’ knowledge of her killer was revealed.

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Home Secretary challenges 7/7 ruling

It’s been a busy few days at Liberty HQ – on Tuesday we had payments to Guantanamo detainees, in part to keep certain details secret, and today we have a Government attempt to exclude bereaved family members from the 7/7 inquests.

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