Why it’s as important as it’s ever been to stand up to power

Our look might have changed, but our aims remain constant. They're the same as they’ve been since 1934 – to challenge injustice, intolerance and abuse of power, defend freedom and make the UK a fairer, more equal place.

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Supreme Court to hear landmark case on disproportionate criminal records disclosure scheme

18 June 2018

  • Liberty client “P” is challenging rule making people with more than one conviction – no matter how minor – disclose them forever.
  • P committed two extremely minor offences nearly 20 years ago while suffering from undiagnosed mental illness. P has already won her challenge in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

The Supreme Court will tomorrow hear a landmark challenge to rules requiring anyone with more than one conviction – no matter how minor – to disclose them forever when applying for certain types of work.

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Mental Health Awareness Week: How you can defend your rights

This mental health awareness week an estimated one in six people will experience a 'common mental disorder' like depression or anxiety.

Over the course of a year one in four of us will experience a mental health problem and rates of self-harm in the UK are among the highest in Europe. In recent years it’s started to become more acceptable to talk about mental health – but people with mental health problems continue to face serious discrimination and mistreatment.

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Supreme Court rules Metropolitan Police DID breach victims’ human rights by failing to properly investigate John Worboys’ crimes

21 February 2018

The Supreme Court has today ruled that the Metropolitan Police did breach the human rights of John Worboys’ victims by failing to properly investigate reports of his crimes – after a four-year fight for justice by two of the women he attacked.

The women – known as DSD and NBV – were raped by John Worboys in 2003 and 2007. When they reported the attacks, police did not believe them. Worboys was able to continue attacking women until 2009.

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Deepcut deaths: Fresh inquest into death of Private Sean Benton to begin

24 January 2018

A fresh inquest into the death of Private Sean Benton – who was found dead at Deepcut barracks in 1995 – will begin at Woking Coroner’s Court today. 

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Two decades after Sean Benton died, let's hope 2018 brings the answers his family deserve

For Sean’s family, for those who served at Deepcut barracks, for everyone who wants people who fight for their country to be treated with the respect they deserve, we hope the new Coroner can finally uncover the truth about what happened to Sean Benton.

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Government to scrap archaic loophole that lets Armed Forces Commanding Officers investigate sexual assaults themselves

13 December 2017

The Government has quietly announced a major change to the law that will stop Commanding Officers in the Armed Forces investigating soldiers’ allegations of sexual assault themselves – but they still won’t have to refer complaints to civilian police.

The proposed changes to the Armed Forces Act 2006 come after years of campaigning by soldiers, bereaved families and Liberty – and after Liberty threatened the Ministry of Defence (MoD) with legal action on behalf of a serving soldier if it failed to close the loophole.

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Private Sean Benton inquest WILL examine evidence of bullying at Deepcut barracks

20 September 2017

A coroner has today ruled that the fresh inquest into the death of Private Sean Benton in 1995 will examine wider allegations of bullying and abuse at Deepcut barracks.

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Jan Sutton – an indomitable force for good

On 8 June 2017 we lost an inspiring human rights campaigner and a much loved friend – Jan Sutton.

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Sean Benton's case exposes Government plans to abandon human rights as nakedly self-serving

Today is a momentous day for the family of Private Sean Benton, who died at Deepcut barracks in 1995.

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