Liberty represents global partners in privacy claim against British Intelligence Services

11 November 2013

Liberty has announced it will represent an international coalition of partner human rights organisations in a new legal claim against the British Intelligence Services over their role in the ongoing privacy scandal.

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Detention of journalist’s partner highlights the scandal of Schedule 7

19 August 2013

On Sunday, David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained for 9 hours at Heathrow airport. He was questioned under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and freed only when officers reached the legal time limit for either arresting or releasing him. His electronic equipment was confiscated and he had no access to publicly funded legal advice.

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Is anybody listening?

Yesterday's papers revealed a bid to resurrect plans for a major expansion of Government powers to monitor the phone calls, email exchanges and website visits of every person in the UK. This is a return to a policy opposed by both Coalition parties in opposition and abandoned by the last Government.

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Guantanamo and the growth of secret justice

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first detainees arriving at Guantanamo Bay. It’s a bitter irony that the Government has chosen to mark a decade of one of the War on Terror’s worst excesses with its Justice and Security Green Paper. It appears our Executive’s answer to such terrible scandals is not more public scrutiny but less.

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Whistleblower speaks in public for first time since trial

14 September 2004

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Charges against ex-GCHQ employee dropped

25 February 2004

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GCHQ whistleblower was trying to 'save lives'

27 November 2003

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Liberty takes case of GCHQ whistleblower

13 November 2003

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