Transparency and redress

Liberty is calling for a re-draft and the inclusion of strong safeguards in the Government’s Draft Investigatory Powers Bill. Our Eight-Point Plan lays out clear, practical ways we can guarantee surveillance is conducted in a necessary, proportionate and accountable way.

It’s vital the final Bill includes measures to improve transparency and redress mechanisms for people who’ve been spied on. These safeguards would provide much needed accountability for the use of intrusive surveillance powers by public bodies.

What’s this about?

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Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: a jargon-buster

The 300-page Draft Investigatory Powers Bill is so filled with technical jargon that the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee labelled it “confusing”. Here, we break down the language barrier that shields this crucial piece of legislation from much-needed public scrutiny.

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Draft Investigatory Powers Bill: Liberty calls for full redraft as Committee report highlights major concerns

11 February 2016

Liberty is urging the Government to pause and undertake a full redraft of its landmark surveillance legislation in the light of growing concern from cross-party MPs, technology experts and rights campaigners that no operational case has been made for the unprecedented powers it proposes.

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2016 – we’re ready for the challenge

“The fight that is never done”. That’s how our first President E.M. Forster described our work in 1942. He wasn’t wrong… 2016 is shaping up to be one of the most challenging in our history. This momentous year will see once-in-a-generation surveillance laws passed and an attempt to scrap the Human Rights Act. No big deal.

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Why we need real judicial sign-off in the Investigatory Powers Bill

We explain why MPs must take this chance to create a proper system of Judicial Sign-Off.

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