Public statement on the appointment of Lord Carlile of Berriew as independent reviewer of Prevent

We are deeply troubled by the appointment of Lord Carlile as Independent Reviewer of Prevent. Not only has the government failed to follow its own Governance Code on Public Appointments, but Lord Carlile’s close ties with and publicly declared support for the Prevent strategy undermine the integrity and credibility of this review from the outset.

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Theresa May can't have EU security cooperation unless she brings home our rights protections too

In an attempt to put some “meat on the bones” of her vision for post-Brexit Britain, the Prime Minister used a speech in Munich today to set out how the UK and EU could continue to cooperate in the fight against crime and terrorism.

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The dangers of counter-productive counter-terror strategy: a stark warning from Chilcot

It seems far longer than two weeks ago that Sir John Chilcot published his Iraq Inquiry report – but with a new Government settling in, ministers have a duty to implement its lessons.

One of the report’s starkest warnings is of the dangers of counter-productive counter-terror strategy.

The Iraq Inquiry report found that, over the course of 2002 and 2003, Tony Blair was repeatedly advised that an invasion of Iraq would increase the threat to the UK from Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

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Help us stop the Government from passing a new law which could leave British nationals stateless.

Liberty responds to counter-terror review: end control orders, reduce pre-charge

19 August 2010

Today Liberty published "From 'War' to Law", its 137 page response to the Government counter-terror review.

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Extradition Watch

Extradition Watch is our campaign for fairer extradition laws.

New Council of Europe report criticises Government anti-terror plans

30 September 2008

Today Liberty called Government plans to extend pre-charge detention limits to 42 days an “international embarrassment” amid fresh criticism from the Council of Europe that the plans are “unduly complicated” and “not readily understandable.”

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Queen’s Speech: Liberty concerned about anti-terror scheme

06 November 2007

In response to the Queen’s Speech, Liberty raised concerns that controversial Government plans to extend pre-charge detention for terror suspects would be excessive and counter-productive.

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Slipping Government majority reveals concern over Terrorism Bill

02 November 2005

Calls to include “intent” in the encouragement of terrorism clause of the Government’s controversial Terrorism Bill lost 300 - 299 in the committee stage of the House.

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Scrutiny Denied as Terrorism Bill rushed through Parliament

01 November 2005

As the Government prepares to push the Terrorism Bill through the committee stage of the whole House on 2-3 November, Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti said:“Criminalising free speech and introducing internment are dangerously counterproductive to fighting terrorism.The police and security services deserve proper support but should not become embroiled in politics. If the Government wants to empower police with all possible tools to fight this threat, why are they not exploring more proportionate options?”

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