Article 4: No slavery or forced labour

In the 21st century the term ‘slavery’ is most commonly associated with William Wilberforce, the reforming British politician who lobbied for the abolition of the slave trade 200 years ago. But for many, far from being the stuff of history books and Hollywood films, slavery in modern Britain is a frightening reality.

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Slavery law Liberty lobbied for in action

Incredibly, up until April last year it wasn’t actually a criminal offence in this country to hold another person in slavery or servitude. Thanks in part to lobbying by Liberty, such modern day slavery was finally outlawed, with a new offence brought into English law through the Coroners and Justice Act 2009. This week, in London, we saw one of the first convictions under this new legislation that we campaigned so hard for.

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Secret inquests defeated in the House of Lords

21 October 2009

In a vote today the House of Lords threw out clauses buried in the Coroners and Justice Bill which would allow for an inquest to be suspended and a 'secret inquiry' held in its place.

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Coroners and Justice Bill could allow black-listing databases

06 March 2009

Information-sharing powers in the Coroners and Justice Bill could allow the creation of databases like those seen in today’s construction industry black-listing scandal.

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