Liberty at the Conservative conference: "The Human Rights Act is a profoundly Conservative document"

In a lively event in Manchester last night, Conservative MPs, local councillors and party members laid bare the extent of dissent within the party about their leadership’s intention to scrap the Human Rights Act

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Liberty at the Conservative Conference 2013

On a Sunday which began with the Prime Minister muting possible withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights on Marr’s sofa, thankfully there was much to cheer at Liberty’s Conservative Party conference Fringe yesterday. Tory activists packed the room in Manchester, and they weren’t disappointed - our panel guests did us proud as they tackled tricky issues ranging from torture to Internet snooping. But the evening ultimately belonged to Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who delivered a memorable and rousing reminder of the importance of fundamental rights and freedoms to huge applause.

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Liberty Conservative Fringe 2012: Video

Liberty at the Conservative Party Conference

Despite a blond, Olympotastic and re-elected rival, last night’s turnout at Liberty’s Tory fringe was excellent. Introducing the fringe panel, Shami reminded the crowd of the many principled stands taken by the Tories in Opposition - on 90 days pre-charge detention, ID cards, innocents’ DNA retention and more. But it’s important to remember those values in Government, she urged: “Because no matter who you vote for it’s the Government that gets in”. In a thinly-veiled reference to the campaign by the Security Services for audacious secret courts and State snooping, Shami reminded the room that governing is a complicated matter with pressures coming from all sides.

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Article 8: Right to respect for private and family life

Of all the fundamental freedoms protected by the Human Rights Act, none attracts controversy quite like Article 8 – the right to respect for your private and family life. Barely a day passes without it hitting the headlines for apparently all the wrong reasons. Flicking through certain newspapers you would be forgiven for concluding that it exists only to shield foreign murderers and rapists from deportation.

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Liberty fringe: Common Values & common sense in Manchester

It was standing room only in the Alexandria Suite at the Midland Hotel, Manchester on Monday night. Welcoming Conservative delegates to Liberty’s 2011 fringe, Shami reminded the audience how those on the panel had come together in recent years to resist some of the worst excesses of authoritarian Government. But, referring to the Home Secretary’s pre-conference strike against the Human Rights Act, she asked the panel whether there was a risk of talking up human rights in the Arab Spring while trashing them in an Indian Summer at home?

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Justice Minister and the British Public Agree on the Value of Human Rights

07 October 2010

Liberty today welcomes Justice Minister Lord McNally’s principled stand on the Human Rights Act. In an exchange in Parliament he vowed to resign if the Act, which is ten years old this week, is scrapped.

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