Four campaigns: Four actions

The dust has now settled after this month’s Queen’s Speech, which set out the Coalition Government’s legislative intentions for the next year – and brought with it a whole new host of challenges for fundamental rights and freedoms in the UK.

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Article 7: No punishment without law

This final entry in our blog series explaining and exploring the intricacies of the Human Rights Act focuses on Article 7 of the legislation – no punishment without law. This Article provides vital safeguards against arbitrary prosecution, conviction and punishment.

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Five actions for the festive season

2011 will go down in history as the year pro-democracy rebellions erupted across the Middle East. The hunger for basic rights and freedoms across the world should remind us all of the ever present need to protect and defend rights at home.

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Article 12: Right to marry

While it might not be as immediately obvious as the right to life or the right to a fair trial, for instance, the right to marry is a hugely important freedom and one protected by Article 12 of the Human Rights Act.

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Support from all quarters for HRA at Liberty awards

Last night leading figures from the worlds of law, media, civil society, politics and the arts came together at London’s Southbank Centre for Liberty’s annual Human Rights Awards. It proved to be a truly humbling and uplifting evening. Inspiring human rights heroes from all walks of life were honoured for their efforts at the ceremony, eloquently hosted with a gloss of comic sheen by the brilliant Marcus Brigstocke.

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Sense at St Paul’s and also in Westminster – as Council drops soup run ban

02 November 2011

Today Liberty celebrated a victory for common sense and Common Values as Westminster Council dropped its plan to criminalise the giving of free food to the homeless.

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Article 4: No slavery or forced labour

In the 21st century the term ‘slavery’ is most commonly associated with William Wilberforce, the reforming British politician who lobbied for the abolition of the slave trade 200 years ago. But for many, far from being the stuff of history books and Hollywood films, slavery in modern Britain is a frightening reality.

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Article 6: Right to a fair hearing

Last week we embarked upon a new blog series exploring the Human Rights Act. Inspired by the myths and unprovoked attacks on the Act, and the lack of public education about the small bundle of rights and freedoms it contains, we’re conducting a weekly dissection of it – Article by Article – to get to the bottom of what it really means. Today we’re looking at Article 6: the right to a fair hearing.

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