Help us stop the Government from passing a new law which could leave British nationals stateless.

Why are Statelessness important?

The Government wants to introduce a barbaric new power which would see British nationals deprived of citizenship by the Home Secretary – even if they’d be left stateless.

This power would have huge implications for our security, international standing and commitment to countering the scourge of statelessness. It’s a modern version of medieval exile – a ridiculous, archaic and dangerous tool wielded by despots and dictators.

How can I get involved and take action?

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The Government is using security arguments to justify the move, but making terror suspects stateless – rather than catching, convicting and detaining them – is no safe way of dealing with dangerous individuals.

In 2014 we won a victory in the Lords, securing an amendment to the Immigration Act 2014 which would require the statelessness power to be fully examined by a joint parliamentary committee before becoming law.

The Government may have ignored warnings and pushed ahead with many of its hideous immigration proposals – but there’s still time to take action on this part of the Immigration Bill.

'From data to drones: the use and abuse of surveillance technology' from the Liberty Members' Conference and AGM 2014