Tell your MP to vote to end indefinite detention and the hostile environment
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“Detention is worse than prison, because in prison you count your days down and in detention you count your days up… and up… and up…”
Former detained person Souleymane.

THE GOVERNMENT'S CURRENT Immigration Bill is a missed opportunity to create a fairer, more humane immigration system. Instead it will bring millions more people into the clutches of the hostile environment and could lead to them being imprisoned without release dates. 

Help us tell MPs that the Bill must Introduce a 28-day time limit for everyone in immigration detention and End the hostile environment.

Oppose indefinite detention 

The Immigration Bill could result in more people being torn away from their family and friends and locked up indefinitely in immigration detention centres. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Liberty is calling for a 28-day time limit on immigration detention – and there has never been a better opportunity to secure it.  

A stain on our human rights record

The UK is the only European country without a time limit on detention.
Up to 28,000 people are locked up in immigration detention centres by the Home Office every year – without release dates. 

Many people are held for months on end, some for years. This is despite medical evidence  that just one month in detention devastates mental health.  Their detention isn’t even authorised by a judge.

A strict time limit for everyone is a crucial step towards a fairer immigration system that respects human rights, the rule of law, and common dignity. The Immigration Bill can secure it – but only if MPs vote for New Clause 1 – New Clause 4 to secure a strict 28-day time limit.

Stand Up For Migrants' Rights

Under successive Home Secretaries, the Home Office has become the department of the hostile environment . 

By requiring them to share people’s private data for the purposes of immigration enforcement, its xenophobic policies have effectively turned doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers and many others into border guards. 

As a result, the hostile environment leaves the people most in need of support with no choice but to avoid vital services – pushing them towards exploitative landlords and employers, and trapping them in destitution and ill-health.

As the Windrush scandal made devastatingly clear, the effects of the hostile environment are not limited to undocumented migrants. Black and minority ethnic citizens, and anyone who seems visibly ‘foreign’, are cast under a cloud of suspicion as they attempt to go about their daily lives. And a web of shadowy data-sharing agreements gives the Home Office access to millions of our confidential records   in the name of immigration control.

Liberty has campaigned against the hostile environment since its inception, and we need your help to end it now.

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Tell your MP to vote to end indefinite detention and the hostile environment