Previous award winners

The awards ceremony aims to recognise and encourage individuals and organisations whose work is dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of the others.

Human Rights Awards 2010

Human Rights ‘Long Walk’ Award

No2ID - For their tireless campaign to publicise the threat to liberty and personal privacy posed by the introduction of ID cards – central to bringing about a Bill to repeal the Identity Cards Act and to scrap ID cards and the National Identity Register.


Human Rights Young Person of the Year Award

Young Legal Aid Lawyers - For their outstanding commitment to providing quality representation, advice and access to justice for those who could otherwise not afford it, despite the constant cuts and restrictions to legal aid work and the lack of financial sponsorship or reward.


Human Rights Arts Award, in association with Southbank Centre

Nicolas Kent and Indhu Rubasingham & The Tricycle Theatre - For their proud record of highlighting some of the most important human rights issues of the day, including this year’s The Great Game focusing on British intervention in Afghanistan. With recent productions also examining the de Menezes Inquest and Deepcut Barracks deaths, the Tricycle Theatre is an inspirational example of how art with a social conscience need not require creative compromise.


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Award

Karon Monaghan QC - For her leading contribution towards a range of cases in the fields of equality, civil liberties,and human rights, including Eweida v. British Airways, HJ and HT v. Secretary of State for the Home Department and JM v. UK, and her continuing commitment to eradicate discrimination, injustice and protect essential rights and freedoms.

Independent Voice of the Year

Rt Hon David Davis MP - For his steadfast commitment to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms in the fight against terrorism. In particular for his work in holding the Government to account over allegations of collusion in torture during the ‘war on terror’ and the part he played in securing a public inquiry into the treatment of detainees abroad. Also for his public, principled, and robust opposition to the unfair and ineffective control order regime.

Human Rights ‘Close to Home’ Award

Sally Hyman - For her valiant campaign with Katie Miller, Bob Miller, Patricia Ross and Tracy Hynes in support of a secondary school pupil facing forced deportation to Iraq – bringing new and much-needed attention to the shameful ordeal of child detention and bureaucratic nightmare of the asylum system for the young and vulnerable.

Human Rights Campaign of the Year Award

The Guardian – The Torture Files - For Ian Cobain and Richard Norton-Taylor’s meticulous investigation into Britain’s complicity in the use of torture. Their campaign shone a light on this shameful chapter in British history and they continue to uncover uncomfortable truths about the UK’s role in the ‘war on terror’ at home and abroad.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lord Bingham of Cornhill - Lord Bingham proved an inspiration to anyone – legal professional or lay person – who holds dear their hard-won rights and freedoms and believes that human rights are universal and non-negotiable. Having held office as Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice and Senior Law Lord, he was Britain’s most distinguished legal mind.



Human Rights Awards 2009

Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Award

Dinah Rose QC - for her leading contribution towards a range of human rights cases - including that relating to the rendition and torture of Binyam Mohamed, which continues to bring to light the abuses being carried out in the name of 'the War on Terror'.
Also shortlisted were: Stephen Cragg and Martin Howe

Human Rights Award

Gurkha Justice Campaign - for the remarkable public campaign that led to retired British Army Gurkhas being accorded due respect and protection through the provision of settlement rights, education rights and health care in the UK.
Also shortlisted were: Football Supporters' Federation & Stoke City FC and the Aegis Trust & Redress

Peter Duffy Award*

Dan Carey - for his outstanding commitment to a number of vital human rights cases - including Al-Sweady, Evans, Al-Haq and the Baha Mousa Inquiry - which required unstinting endeavour and an incredible eye for detail.

* The Peter Duffy Award commemorates the life and achievements of one of the UK's most highly dedicated human rights lawyers. Peter Duffy QC was particularly supportive of younger lawyers, giving freely of his time and skills. 



Human Rights Awards 2008

Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Award

Timothy Otty QC - for his remarkable work, often conducted on a pro bono basis, and in particular his work in support of those subject to the worst excesses of the 'war on terror', such as control orders and the detention of UK residents at Guantanamo Bay.


Human Rights Award

Corner House Research - for the knowledge, skill and energy shown in their dedicated work to help the disempowered of the world.


Peter Duffy Award

Ajanta Kaza - for her remarkable efforts to promote and protect human rights on a pro bono basis and in particular her exceptional work in support of freedom of expression.


Special Judges Award

Diane Abbott MP - for her passionate campaigning and brilliant advocacy on behalf of a range of human rights issues, most recently in opposition to proposals for 42 days pre-charge detention and in defence of women's right to abortion.



Human Rights Awards 2007


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year

Shaheed Fatima - For her remarkable work, often on a pro bono basis. For her brilliant analysis, consistent arguments and commitment in debating human rights cases before both the British and the European Courts.


The Peter Duffy Award

Maya Evans - For her campaigning work and commitment to the cause of liberty. For her courage in standing up for our fundamental rights to peaceful protest and freedom of speech.


The joint winners of the Human Rights Award were:

Kids Company - For their ground-breaking and inspirational work in helping this country’s most disadvantaged children and young people
INQUEST - For their high-quality specialist casework and for their commitment to providing incontrovertible evidence of the serious human rights abuses of children in custody.


Judges' Award 2007

Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC for a lifetime of achievement in the service of human rights.



Human Rights Awards 2006


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year

Rabinder Singh QC for his outstanding commitment to human rights. For his extraordinary intellect and advocacy of the rule of law.


The Human Rights Award

Southall Black Sisters for their commitment to defending women who face violence and abuse. For their work on drafting a Private member's Bill providing civil remedies for victims of forced marriage.


The Peter Duffy Award

Henrietta Hill for her pro bono work in defence of human rights and for her pivotal role in a number of cases. For having assisted different organisations with energy and invaluable commitment.



Human Rights Awards 2005


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year

Michael Fordham of Blackstone Chambers. The award was given in recognition of Michael's dedication and pro bono commitment to the development of human rights in a range of areas. These include opposing unjust ASBOs, defending the rights of protesters and highlighting UK accountability for torture and deaths in detention in Iraq.


The Human Rights Award

Refugee Legal Centre, for its consistent and fearless use of the law to protect human rights and hold immigration and asylum policies up to the scrutiny of the courts.


The Peter Duffy Award

Voice of Young People, a youth-led project, which has devised, directed and produced a thought-provoking documentary challenging negative perceptions of young people.



Human Rights Awards 2004


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year

Phil Shiner - For outstanding skill and tenacity in taking test cases to protect the rights of Iraqi civilians tortured and killed by British forces. For personal sacrifice and professional dedication in fighting for justice and individual rights.


Human Rights Award

Gypsy and Traveller Law Reform Coalition - For exceptional achievement in uniting Gypsies, Irish Travellers and New Travellers and providing a powerful voice to lobby for positive change and recognition of their human rights. For effective engagement of cross-party support for some of the most socially excluded groups in the UK.


The Peter Duffy Award

Carolina Gottardo - For tireless and dedicated management of the British Institute of Human Rights' Outreach Programme providing education and training to voluntary and community groups. For advancing human rights and ensuring that they benefit people with mental health problems, disabled people, refugees and disadvantaged older people.


Judges' Award

Gareth Pierce and Louise Christian - Civil liberty lawyers acting for detainees interned in Belmarsh prison and Guantanamo Bay were both honoured with the Judges Award for 'outstanding contribution in defending the rule of law'.



Human Rights Awards 2003


Human Rights Award

The Howard League for Penal Reform - For commitment to protecting and promoting the human rights of young offenders; through its Youth Justice Law Project, providing a legal advice and advocacy service, which in 2003 brought several test cases successfully challenging human rights violations of children in prison, the most recent judgment in November 2003 confirming that children in prison have a right to protection under the Children Act 1989


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year

Beatrice Mtetwa, Kantor & Immerman (Harare) - For acting for clients arrested by the Mugabe government in Zimbabwe, or those wishing to pursue a case against it; challenging the unlawful deportation of the Guardian Newspaper journalist, Andrew Meldrum; for her courage and commitment to human rights whilst working in an environment hostile to lawyers and the rule of law and her disregard of the risks to her personal safety


The Peter Duffy Award

Mark Daly, journalist - For extraordinary undercover journalism which publicly exposed the racism of trainee police officers and within the police service generally through his documentary The Secret Policeman, which resulted in the launch of a full-scale enquiry into all police services by the Commission for Racial Equality.



Human Rights Awards 2002


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year
Richard Meeran, Leigh Day & Co. - For his commitment to protection of workers' rights to decent working conditions and a safe environment, through ensuring access to justice for workers injured by UK multinational corporations abroad. This year alone his work has ensured that 7,500 South African miners receive compensation for suffering sustained while working for Cape. UK multinationals can now be held to account for injuries to workers and damage to the environment in developing countries.


The Peter Duffy Award

Monira Hussain, Inesons Solicitors - For outstanding personal and professional commitment to helping secure basic rights for Asian women, asylum seekers and young offenders. She has done extensive community and legal work and, through lobbying in Bangladesh, has highlighted the rights of women prisoners and those prevented from joining their families in the UK. She has worked to bring about positive change in the community since she was 15 - setting up an organisation for Asian women, working as a human rights and immigration adviser and now working as a trainee solicitor.


The Human Rights Award
Dr Stephen Whittle, Press for Change - For commitment and dedication to ensuring the advancement of rights for transsexual people in the UK, Europe and around the world through judicial means, most recently in the Court of Appeal Case of A v The Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police. An academic at Manchester Metropolitan University, he co-founded Press for Change in 1992.


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Honourable Mrs Justice Cox QC - The award recognises her commitment to the protection of equality and human rights - in particular her achievements in securing rights for transsexual people, notably through the case of Goodwin & I v UK at the European Court of Human Rights this year. In October 2002, Laura Cox QC became only the seventh female High Court judge.


The Judges' Award

Christopher Digby-Bell - A special Judges' Award was presented to Christopher Digby-Bell, the honorary legal adviser to the Down's Syndrome Association, for his innovative and unique project teaching children with learning difficulties about the law, justice and their rights.




Human Rights Awards 2001


Human Rights Lawyer of the Year
Nuala Mole, Director of the AIRE Centre - For her dedicated leadership of the AIRE Centre, for her outstanding work in the groundbreaking case of TP and KM v United Kingdom, and for her commitment to the development and delivery of judicial training in the Balkans


Peter Duffy Award

Christian Tuddenham, Trainee Solicitor, Lovells - For his outstanding pro bono work in highlighting the civil, political and human rights violations of prisoners abroad and his instrumental role in the changing of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's policy regarding support for clemency pleas of Britons imprisoned overseas.


Human Rights Award

Bail for Immigration Detainees - For providing a free bail service for detained asylum seekers and migrants, for increasing awareness of the lack of human rights protection for these individuals, and for their commitment to campaigning to ensure effective judicial oversight of detention, all carried out by dedicated unpaid volunteers.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Barbara Cohen, Senior Legal Adviser at the Commission for Racial Equality - For her tireless commitment to racial justice and equality, as demonstrated by her important contributions to the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, and for her extensive and dedicated public advocacy and training in the field of anti-discrimination law, over many years.