A Guide to the Hostile Environment

A Guide to the Hostile Environment: the border controls dividing our communities – and how we can bring them down is a how-to guide to help the public, parliamentarians and civil servants bring down the Government’s discriminatory hostile environment policies.

The guide details the extent of the sprawling web of immigration controls now embedded at the heart of the UK’s public services and communities. It reveals the shattering impact these have had on vulnerable families, public servants and the wider public – and explains how people can take positive action to challenge them.

Edited by Liberty, the guide contains contributions from nine leading campaigning organisations, including the National Union of Students, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and Doctors of the World.

Download the guide

Download the your copy of the guide (pdf)

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for anyone who cares about the kind of society we live in, including public sector workers and members of the public.

Crucially, it aims to signpost you to some of the formidable groups working to defend migrants’ rights and to actions you can take to join that struggle.


The guide contains information on the hostile environment in:

  • schools
  • higher education
  • health
  • policing
  • banking
  • housing
  • driving
  • employment
  • migrant families and social support
  • rough sleeping
  • immigration raids



The guide has been edited by Liberty with contributions from: