Justice and Security Bill - Lords amend a little but not enough

22 November 2012

Liberty responded to the vote in the House of Lords yesterday evening on the Government’s secret courts proposals.

Peers from all parties in the House of Lords joined together to vote through a series of safeguards to the use of closed material procedures (CMPs). But the Lords also rejected, by 164 votes to 25, Government majority 139, a plan to throw out the plans altogether.

Isabella Sankey, Director of Policy for Liberty, said:

“The Government has not made the case for these illiberal proposals, which would change our justice system forever. 

"These amendments may mean fewer miscarriages of justice but they do not undo the danger this Bill presents - minor nips and tucks won't make this chilling policy palatable.

"We look to the House of Commons to reaffirm Britain’s commitment to open justice and the rule of law.”

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