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1 May 2001 Demonstrations

02 May 2001

John Wadham, Director of Liberty, said:

"Last year, the police approach was sensibly low-key. This year, unfortunately, the police caved in to political pressure. This led to unacceptable and unlawful violence by some police officers. The containment of thousands of people was unnecessary, unlawful and will lead to justifiable complaints. As a result, the police will have to pay out compensation, and they will have alienated thousands of innocent and peaceful protestors".

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Double Jeopardy: Breaches a Key Protection in our Justice System

05 March 2001

John Wadham, Director of Liberty, says:

"The protection from double jeopardy is a fundamental part of our criminal justice system and we increase the chances of innocent people being convicted if we remove it. People who have been arrested and prosecuted, and who will have been locked up in prison for months before they face trial, should be free once they have been acquitted by a jury. It cannot be right to force them to go through this all over again."

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