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Liberty calls on parents to boycott today’s school census as Government attempts to build foreign children lists

19 January 2017

Liberty is calling on parents and guardians to thwart Government attempts to use pupil data to aid deportations by refusing to hand over children’s nationalities and countries of birth in today’s school census.

For the second time, the termly census of schoolchildren in England will ask for pupils’ birth countries and nationalities – a move which Liberty and other campaigners believe is an attempt to aid deportation of families by building “foreign children lists”, which can be trawled by the Home Office.

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Liberty response to ruling that Abdel Hakim Belhaj can claim damages over abduction

17 January 2017

Liberty has responded to today's Supreme Court ruling that Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his wife can seek damages from the Government over their claims that the UK participated in their abduction and rendition. The couple say they were tortured after their kidnap more than a decade ago.

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The People vs the Snoopers’ Charter: Liberty launches crowdfunded legal challenge to indiscriminate state spying powers in Investigatory Powers Act

10 January 2017

Liberty is launching a landmark legal challenge to the extreme mass surveillance powers in the Government’s new Investigatory Powers Act – which lets the state monitor everybody’s web history and email, text and phone records, and hack computers, phones and tablets on an industrial scale.
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Government IS breaking the law by collecting everyone's internet and call data and accessing it with no independent sign-off and no suspicion of serious crime

21 December 2016

  • In first major post-Brexit judgment involving the UK, Court of Justice of the EU backs Tom Watson MP, represented by Liberty, in landmark challenge to Government surveillance
  • Ruling effectively means significant parts of the new Investigatory Powers Act are unlawful and must be urgently changed
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Liberty responds to HMIC Report revealing hundreds of police officers have been accused of sexual exploitation

08 December 2016

Responding to revelations contained in a HMIC Report that more than 300 police officers have been accused of using their position to sexually exploit people, including victims of crime, Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, said:

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Government ignores social workers, campaigners, Lords and more than 100,000 petitioners and forces child protection opt-outs back into Children and Social Work Bill

05 December 2016

The Government has ignored social workers, children’s rights campaigners, more than 100,000 members of the public and the House of Lords and revived plans to let councils opt out of more than 80 years of child protection laws.

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Liberty responds to Theresa May's planned 'deprioritisation' of school places for illegal migrant children

01 December 2016

Leaked Home Office documents have today revealed that Theresa May planned to 'deprioritise' school places for children of illegal migrants when Home Secretary.

Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, said: “This was a dangerous, mean-spirited and small-minded proposal. The Prime Minister should be building a fair, inclusive nation for us all – instead she still seems bent on fuelling mistrust and discrimination.

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Liberty responds to the Snoopers' Charter becoming law after receiving royal assent

29 November 2016

Following news that the Investigatory Powers Act has now been given royal assent, Bella Sankey, Policy Director for Liberty, said:

“It’s a sad day for our democracy as this Bill – with its eye-wateringly intrusive powers and flimsy safeguards – becomes law."

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Rough sleepers’, protesters’ and disabled residents’ rights at risk: Liberty urges Enfield Council to abandon discriminatory PSPO plans

25 November 2016

Liberty has written to Enfield Council urging it to abandon proposals that could penalise the vulnerable and chip away at residents’ civil liberties.

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