"Start by dismantling your own toxic legacy" - Liberty responds to the Government's racial disparity audit

10 October 2017

Today the Government will publish its audit of public services to reveal racial disparity across Britain and to help end injustice.

Responding to the audit, Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, said:

“The bleak picture this report paints of racial injustice in the UK demands an immediate and bold response. But the solutions the Government is putting up are little more than a plaster on a gaping wound. 

“If Theresa May wants to show she takes racism seriously, she should start by dismantling her own toxic legacy of the intentionally ‘hostile environment’ spearheaded at the Home Office. Those policies have spread racial profiling, hate and division, made border guards of trusted public servants and are having a devastating effect on race relations, migrants’ rights and community cohesion across the UK.”