A needless step backwards for the UK - Liberty's response to the EU Withdrawal Bill votes

13 June 2018

Tonight MPs voted to remove a number of Lord amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill which sought to preserve human rights protections after the UK leaves the European Union and to secure stronger limits on ministers' powers. 

Director of Liberty Martha Spurrier said:

"Hundreds of MPs put protecting the Prime Minister ahead of protecting their constituents’ rights tonight. As a result, ordinary people will now have fewer legal tools to fight back when Parliament puts the interests of the powerful ahead of equality, fairness and human dignity.

"This marks a needless step backwards for the UK, weakening legal protections for LGBT equality, privacy, children’s rights, and the rights of people with disabilities. We need to consider what kind of country we want to be – whether we accept that a post-Brexit Britain is a country with fewer rights and a diminished position as a global leader on freedom and liberty. Rights lost aren’t easily won back, but we will keep fighting."