Liberty response to Home Office attempt to revoke citizenship of Shamima Begum

20 February 2019

In response to Home Office attempts to revoke the citizenship of Shamima Begum, Gracie Bradley, Policy and Campaigns Manager for Liberty said:

"While the government has an obligation to keep the public safe, that cannot be at the expense of the fundamental principles of due process and the rule of law upon which we all rely.

“The government has an array of powers available to it to deal with people suspected of involvement in terrorism - including the criminal law. Taking away a person’s citizenship is one of the most serious among them and must not be wielded lightly.

The Home Office must act proportionately and in accordance with its obligations under international law. Crucially, its response must include a serious look at how a 15 year-old girl was apparently able to leave the country to join a proscribed group without effective action being taken to safeguard her."

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