02 October 2019

Liberty is seeking public support for the next stage of its historic legal case to ensure the Prime Minister obeys the law.

Under an Act of Parliament passed in September the Prime Minister must seek an extension to the Brexit deadline by 19 October if MPs have not passed a deal with the European Union by that time.

After press reports suggested Boris Johnson will ignore this legislation, Liberty issued judicial review proceedings to ensure the law is upheld.

The Prime Minister’s lawyers have told us the Government will obey the law, but Boris Johnson and other members of his Government have contradicted that claim.

If the Prime Minister doesn’t comply with the law, it will set an extraordinarily dangerous precedent and shake the very foundation of our democracy. The law is how we uphold and protect the rights of every UK citizen. Liberty is seeking public support to fund this legal action to ensure the rule of law is upheld.

Donate to the appeal here.

No one is above the law – and if the Prime Minister breaks it, we’ll see him in court. Liberty is neutral on the issue of Brexit and has no view on whether the UK should seek a deal or leave without one. This case is not about Brexit – it is about a fundamental question of democracy and civil liberties – and it is vital it is brought by an independent body with no political agenda.

Since Liberty was founded in 1934, it has played the role of independent watchdog. It is not affiliated with any political party and receives no government funding. Our role has always been to challenge unjust laws, policies and practices.

The UK Government, whoever it is made up of and whatever it is seeking to do, must always act lawfully.  Fail to do so, and they will answer to all of us.

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