The Investigatory Powers Bill is out: Liberty's response

01 March 2016

The Government has today published its Investigatory Powers Bill – just three weeks after three parliamentary committees recommended more than 120 major changes to the draft legislation.

Responding to its publication, Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti said: “Less than three weeks ago, MPs advised 123 changes to the majorly flawed Draft Bill. The powers were too broad, safeguards too few and crucial investigatory powers entirely missing.

"Minor Botox has not fixed this bill. Government must return to the drawing board and give this vital, complex task appropriate time. Anything else would show dangerous contempt for parliament, democracy and our country's security."

Liberty has co-signed a letter alongside more than 100 politicians, campaigners, legal experts and academics – published in today's Telegraph – urging the Government to rethink and give this once-in-a-generation legislation the time and scrutiny it deserves.

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