A costly, futile and increasingly lengthy exercise: Liberty responds to delay to British Bill of Rights consultation

02 December 2015

Giving evidence to the House of Lords Constitution Committee today, Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor Michael Gove said plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights have not yet been signed off by ministers and that a consultation will not open until next year.

A consultation had been promised by this autumn, but Mr Gove said there was still significant work to be done before it could be launched.

Responding to his comments, Bella Sankey, Policy Director for Liberty, said:

“The mountains of public money and resources being poured into this futile exercise – for which there is no public appetite – become more inexcusable with every day its publication is delayed.

“With so many more important issues for the government to focus on, it’s time they ended this costly and increasingly lengthy exercise in fixing something that simply isn’t broken.”