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Deepcut barracks deaths: Coroner to deliver verdict in Private Sean Benton inquest 23 years after his death

17 July 2018

A Coroner will tomorrow deliver his verdict in a fresh inquest into the death of young army recruit Private Sean Benton, who was found dead at Deepcut barracks in 1995.

His Honour Judge Peter Rook QC will set out his conclusions at Woking Coroner’s Court from 11am. The wide-ranging investigation – which began in January – has considered how Sean died and the wider environment in which he lived at the Surrey camp, and heard evidence from 168 witnesses.

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Trade Bill threatens disabled people’s access to public transport after Brexit, say 20 rights groups

16 July 2018

Disability and human rights campaigners have written to Trade Secretary Liam Fox, warning that ministerial powers in the Trade Bill could be used to remove disabled people’s rights – including access to public transport – after Brexit.

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"An opportunity to reverse decline": Liberty, Amnesty and BIHR respond to government plans to reform Gender Recognition Act

03 July 2018

The UK’s current gender recognition law is out-of-date, dehumanising and in need of urgent reform, Amnesty International UK, Liberty and the British Institute of Human Rights have said today, in a joint statement responding to the launch of a government consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act.

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Cardiff man gets go-ahead to bring first UK legal challenge to police use of facial recognition technology on the streets

02 July 2018

A Cardiff resident has been given the go-ahead to start the first legal challenge to a UK police force’s use of automated facial recognition (AFR) technology, in what will be a critical nationwide test of the state’s power to deploy radical biometric surveillance methods.

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Supreme Court to hear landmark case on disproportionate criminal records disclosure scheme

18 June 2018

  • Liberty client “P” is challenging rule making people with more than one conviction – no matter how minor – disclose them forever.
  • P committed two extremely minor offences nearly 20 years ago while suffering from undiagnosed mental illness. P has already won her challenge in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

The Supreme Court will tomorrow hear a landmark challenge to rules requiring anyone with more than one conviction – no matter how minor – to disclose them forever when applying for certain types of work.

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A needless step backwards for the UK - Liberty's response to the EU Withdrawal Bill votes

13 June 2018

Tonight MPs voted to remove a number of Lord amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill which sought to preserve human rights protections after the UK leaves the European Union and to secure stronger limits on ministers' powers. 

Director of Liberty Martha Spurrier said:

"Hundreds of MPs put protecting the Prime Minister ahead of protecting their constituents’ rights tonight. As a result, ordinary people will now have fewer legal tools to fight back when Parliament puts the interests of the powerful ahead of equality, fairness and human dignity.

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Cardiff resident launches first UK legal challenge to police use of facial recognition technology in public spaces

13 June 2018

A Cardiff resident has today launched the first legal challenge to a UK police force’s use of automated facial recognition (AFR) technology. He believes he was scanned by South Wales Police at a peaceful anti-arms protest and while doing his Christmas shopping.

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LGBT ‘super choir’ to perform outside Parliament ahead of crunch Brexit vote

11 June 2018

A 100-strong LGBT+ “super choir” will sing outside Parliament today ahead of a series of crunch EU Withdrawal Bill votes, urging MPs to safeguard key human rights protections currently at risk, including those relied on by the LGBT+ community.

Organised by Amnesty International, Liberty and Stonewall, the combined chorus - which includes members of Pink Singers, Diversity Choir and Fourth Choir - will stage an open-air performance in Old Palace Yard at 6pm on Monday 11 June.

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Supreme Court Northern Ireland abortion ruling: Now Westminster must act

07 June 2018

Today's ruling leaves the UK Government out of excuses. While the case was dismissed, women's groups may have lost the battle but they are winning the war.

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