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‘Stubborn’ immigration detainees face solitary confinement

03 August 2016

Liberty has written to the Home Office condemning unprecedented new guidance that would allow detainees at immigration removal centres to be placed in solitary confinement for being ‘stubborn’.

The Detention Services Order sets out the first ever guidelines for Home Office staff on the use of solitary confinement within immigration removal centres – where those appealing deportation can be held indefinitely.

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Empty victory for the Government in appeal against refugee reunification ruling

02 August 2016

In response to the Home Office's successful appeal against a landmark ruling allowing four Syrian refugees to be reunited with family in Britain, Bella Sankey, Director of Policy for Liberty, said:

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Advocate General: Lack of safeguards in Government surveillance law breaches people's fundamental rights

19 July 2016

  • Advocate General gives opinion following challenge to Government surveillance law brought by MP Tom Watson, represented by Liberty
  • If Court of Justice judges agree, Investigatory Powers Bill – which seeks to re-legislate for and expand data retention powers – will require significant amendment
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Appointment of the new Justice Secretary

14 July 2016

Following the appointment of Liz Truss as Lord Chancellor, Bella Sankey, Policy Director for Liberty, said:

“Liberty congratulates Liz Truss on her historic appointment as Justice Secretary – the first woman ever appointed to this great Office of State.

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Appointment of the new Home Secretary

14 July 2016

Following the appointment of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary, Bella Sankey, Policy Director for Liberty said:

“Liberty congratulates Amber Rudd on her appointment as Home Secretary. Bound by an unrealistic immigration target, the previous administration resorted to displacement activity that made Britain more ‘hostile’ for our diverse communities and continued the shocking system of indefinite immigration detention.

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A new Prime Minister

12 July 2016

As David Cameron's time as Prime Minister comes to an end, Liberty reflects on his legacy.

At the beginning of David Cameron’s premiership, there was reason to be hopeful that some of the worst excesses of his predecessors’ War on Terror might be behind us, and that progress might be made with civil liberties.

Liberty celebrated as his Government scrapped plans for ID cards, repealed stop and search without suspicion, reformed Britain’s DNA retention scheme and took the principled and landmark step of introducing equal marriage for same-sex partners.

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House of Lords has vital opportunity to remove counter-productive ‘internet connection records’ from the Snoopers’ Charter

12 July 2016

Tomorrow (Wednesday 13 July 2016) Parliament has a vital opportunity to remove the power to collect and store the nation’s ‘internet connection records’ (ICRs) in the Investigatory Powers Bill.

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Chilcot report must mark an end to UK government ministers’ systematic and cynical demotion of human rights

06 July 2016

In response to the Iraq Inquiry report, published today, Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, said:

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Inquest into the death of Alice Gross: family calls for careful, targeted reform of system for exchanging information about high-risk offenders

04 July 2016

The family of Alice Gross have called for careful, targeted reform of the system for exchanging information about high-risk offenders across Europe, after the inquest into their daughter’s death exposed serious inadequacies.

Alice’s parents Ros Hodgkiss and Jose Gross, and her sister Nina Gross, also reiterated their request that those with an anti-immigration agenda not exploit her death to further their own aims. The family believe in freedom of movement and human rights – as did Alice, who grew up in a multicultural, multi-faith community in west London.

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Why a judicial inquiry is needed into UK involvement in rendition and torture

29 June 2016

Ahead of MP Alistair Carmichael's adjournment debate on renditions this afternoon, Liberty has joined forces with Amnesty International, Freedom from Torture and Reprieve to call for a judicial inquiry into the UK's involvement in rendition and torture.
More than ten years have passed since the UK intelligence services took part in torture in the context of the US-led “war on terror”.
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