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UK intelligence forced to reveal secret policy for mass surveillance of residents’ Facebook and Google use

16 June 2014

Britain’s top counter-terrorism official has been forced to reveal a secret Government policy justifying the mass surveillance of every Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google user in the UK.

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Liberty responds to Court of Appeal ruling on "secret terror trial"

12 June 2014

Today the Court of Appeal ruled that the core of a terrorism trial must be held in secret. The judges found the course was justified in the "exceptional" case of Erol Incedal and Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar, who have now been identified and will face trial at the Old Bailey next week.

Isabella Sankey, Director of Policy for Liberty, said:

"The judges are clear that open justice is a priceless foundation of our system and faced with a blacked-out trial we now have a few vital chinks of light.

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No mercy for vulnerable mother set to face ex-husband she fled from decades ago

10 June 2014

Today Liberty client Eileen Clark lost her appeal against extradition to the United States.

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Queen's Speech 2014

04 June 2014

Isabella Sankey, Director of Policy for Liberty, said:

"Liberty’s campaigns for an Armed Forces Ombudsman and better protection for victims of modern slavery are bolstered by the proposals in this year’s Queen’s Speech.

"But what about surveillance reform? A year on from Snowden, legislation remains hopelessly out of date and securocrats continue to hoover up masses of our private data – when will the Government act?"

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Liberty response to syllabus changes

26 May 2014

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty said:

"The Government's attitude to the nation's books seems more sinister by the month. First the Lord Chancellor clamps down on  parcels to prisoners. Now the Education Secretary thinks it his place to prescribe our children's reading. His choice of which literature to remove is particularly chilling, revealing a desire to rob our young of some of the greatest stories about racial and other injustice. If he doesn't respond to public concern, a Liberty challenge by way of public, human rights and equality law may follow."

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Liberty director warns Police Federation to keep out of politics

21 May 2014

Today - speaking as a guest of the outgoing leadership - Liberty director, Shami Chakrabarti, addressed the Police Federation Conference as a ‘critical friend’ of its members.  The annual Conference, which is held in Bournemouth until the 22nd May, is attended by representatives from forces across the UK and overseas, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Superintendents’ Association and senior officials from the Home Office.  This is the first time that the Police Federation has invited the human rights group to speak at their conference and Chakrabarti’s talk was followed by the Home Secretary’s all-important annual speech.

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Prime Minister talks of faster extradition while alleged domestic violence victim battles to stay with family

20 May 2014

Today Liberty will apply to overturn the Home Secretary’s decision to extradite mother of three and alleged domestic violence victim Eileen Clark to the United States.

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Liberty moves forward with ‘bedroom tax’ legal challenge

01 May 2014

Today Liberty announced that it has been granted permission to bring a Judicial Review of the Government’s controversial “bedroom tax”, based on the policy’s impact on separated families with shared custody of children.

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Could you be our 80th Writer at Liberty?

29 April 2014

Liberty has launched a competition to find the 80th ‘Writer at Liberty’, to join 79 leading voices in literature in celebrating the human rights group’s 80th anniversary.

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Human rights victory as police agree to remove paedophile’s victim photographs

23 April 2014

Today Liberty announced that Dorset Police have agreed not to return intimate photographs of sexual abuse victims to their abuser – thanks to the Human Rights Act.

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