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Dog whistles, bogus cats and what the public really think about human rights

04 October 2011

Today Liberty rubbished the Home Secretary’s example of an illegal immigrant who could not be deported because he had a cat. The story, which Theresa May preceded with ‘I’m not making this up’ is actually a case where the Home Office conceded it had failed to apply its own policy to a man with a British partner.

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Liberty client takes kettling challenge to Court of Human Rights in landmark hearing

13 September 2011

On Wednesday Liberty client and kettling victim George Black is taking his fight to a landmark hearing at the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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Baha Mousa Inquiry delivers damning verdict on MoD’s “corporate failure”

08 September 2011

Today Liberty welcomed the Baha Mousa Inquiry’s findings that “corporate failure” at the Ministry of Defence was to blame for the banned interrogation methods that resulted in the death of the Iraqi civilian.

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Liberty secures pension benefits for civil partners

02 September 2011

Following legal action brought by Liberty, a major multi-national company has agreed to give the civil partners of its employees the same pension benefits as spouses.

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Liberty director invited onto judge-led inquiry into phone hacking

20 July 2011

Today it was announced that the director of human rights group Liberty will be one of the panel members of the judicial inquiry into phone hacking.

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Victory for open justice as Courts reject Government attempt at yet more secrecy

13 July 2011

Today the Supreme Court ruled that courts cannot adopt a “closed material procedure” in civil claims. The process that the Government sought to establish in Al Rawi and others v the Security Services would have allowed the intelligence services to use secret evidence to defend claims of complicity in torture.

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UK cannot opt out of human rights obligations in Iraq

07 July 2011

Today two landmark rulings focusing on the controversial and ill-fated war in Iraq confirmed that the UK’s human rights obligations do extend beyond its borders to overseas conflicts.

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When is an inquiry not an inquiry? When it’s a secret internal review

06 July 2011

Today the Government finally published the Evidence Protocol for the “inquiry” into allegations of British complicity in torture – a year after the inquiry was announced.

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Access to justice barred for most people in Britain

21 June 2011

Under new legislation published today, publicly funded legal advice and representation will be put beyond the reach of vast swathes of the British population.

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Liberty welcomes review of dishonest indeterminate sentences

21 June 2011

Alongside today’s newly published sentencing Bill, the Government has announced a review of Orwellian “indefinite periods of imprisonment” under the Criminal Justice Act 2003.

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