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Common sense judgment balances protection of witnesses with the rights of the accused

15 December 2011

Today the European Court of Human Rights found that the use of hearsay evidence does not automatically prevent a fair trial. The Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Al-Khawaja and Tahery v UK held that while there had been a violation of article 6 – the right to a fair trial – in respect to Tahery, there had been no violation in Al Khawaja. The judgment in part overturns an earlier judgment by one of the Court’s chambers and follows the Supreme Court’s consideration of the same issue in the case of R v Horncastle.

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Liberty celebrates schools competition winners

06 December 2011

In celebration of International Human Rights Day on 10th December, Liberty today held a prize-giving ceremony for its Write Human Rights schools competition. The nationwide competition, launched last year, asked entrants to write a short piece of poetry or prose inspired by any or all of the Articles within the Human Rights Act.

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Liberty rewards human rights heroes in annual awards ceremony

23 November 2011

Human rights heroes from various walks of life were rewarded for their achievements at Liberty’s Human Rights Awards last night.

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Government issues landmark apology over Christopher Alder’s death in custody

22 November 2011

The Government has issued a landmark apology for serious failings relating to the death of a black former British Army soldier in police custody. Father-of-two Christopher Alder, 37, choked to death on the floor in a pool of his own blood, urine and excrement while four officers stood, watched, chatted and joked at Hull Police Station in April 1998. None of the officers faced any criminal or disciplinary penalty in relation to the incident.

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Sense at St Paul’s and also in Westminster – as Council drops soup run ban

02 November 2011

Today Liberty celebrated a victory for common sense and Common Values as Westminster Council dropped its plan to criminalise the giving of free food to the homeless.

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Liberty invites talks over Occupy London Stock Exchange protest

28 October 2011

Today Liberty announced that it has invited the relevant parties to talks about the ongoing Occupy London Stock Exchange dispute outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

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After the riots – Wandsworth council to evict innocent family

26 October 2011

Today Liberty announced that they will represent the family that has been threatened with eviction by Wandsworth council. The council has said that if Maite de la Calva’s son is convicted of a crime committed during the riots, they will evict both her and her young daughter – neither Ms de la Calva nor her daughter is accused of any wrongdoing.

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Liberty warns against “secret justice” in civil cases against the Government

19 October 2011

Today Liberty warned against extending the principle of “secret justice” into ordinary civil cases against the Government. A new Green Paper on secret evidence proposes that ministers should be able to initiate closed proceedings in civil cases where the Government claims disclosure would compromise national security, put sources at risk or undermine so-called key partnerships.

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UK extradition arrangements – human rights abuses and hypocrisy

18 October 2011

Today Liberty rejected the main conclusions of the Scott Baker review of extradition laws. The review, which reported today, states that a new ‘forum’ rule - which means that the accused should be tried in the UK if the crime was committed here - is not necessary.

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Liberty seeks judicial review over excessive searching of peaceful protesters

07 October 2011

Liberty is today seeking a judicial review of the decision by the Metropolitan Police to search dozens of peaceful protesters en route to a non-violent demonstration at an Essex oil refinery.

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