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Will Parliament allow War on Terror shame to continue?

01 March 2010

The House of Commons will today debate whether to renew control orders – the unsafe and unfair system for dealing with terror suspects outside the normal rule of law.

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Torture cover-up must end with public inquiry

26 February 2010

Today the Court of Appeal decided to stick by criticisms of the security services contained in ‘paragraph 168’ of Lord Neuberger’s judgment in the Binyam Mohamed torture case.

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Murder inquest secured by Human Rights Act opens today

22 February 2010

An inquest begins today into the death of Naomi Bryant – killed in August 2005 by Anthony Rice, a violent convicted sex offender. Liberty successfully used the protections within the Human Rights Act to argue that an inquest must be held into the events leading up to Naomi’s death, and also that the inquest itself must be as wide-ranging as possible.

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Court of Appeal finds against BA employee banned from wearing cross

12 February 2010

Today Liberty expressed disappointment with the Court of Appeal’s decision in the case of Nadia Eweida, the British Airways check-in employee banned from wearing a small cross around her neck.

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Foreign Secretary loses torture suppression case

10 February 2010

Today the Court of Appeal ordered the publication of 7 paragraphs of a High Court judgment summarising the UK authorities' knowledge of Binyam Mohamed's torture whilst in US custody. The Foreign Secretary had fought for these embarrassing paragraphs to remain secret.

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Unsafe and unfair – discredited control order regime up for renewal again

01 February 2010

Today the draft order to renew control order legislation was laid before Parliament by the Home Secretary. The annual report on control orders by Lord Carlile, the reviewer of terrorism legislation, was also published today.

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Liberty welcomes Met Head of Counter Terrorism’s rejection of racial profiling

30 January 2010

Today in the Daily Telegraph Assistant Commissioner John Yates, head of the Metropolitan police’s counter terrorism unit, has rejected the use of racial profiling to detect potential terrorists.

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Liberty support "shock jock" Jon Gaunt’s free speech challenge to Ofcom

27 January 2010

Today the High Court will hear a judicial review application brought by sacked “shock jock” Jon Gaunt against Ofcom. Gaunt is bringing the challenge after Ofcom upheld complaints against him under the broadcasting code.

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Permission granted in Jon Gaunt's free speech challenge to Ofcom

27 January 2010

Today the High Court granted permission for a judicial review of Ofcom’s decision to uphold complaints against the radio talk show host Jon Gaunt.

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Overwhelming support as case of BA employee banned from wearing cross is heard in Court of Appeal

19 January 2010

Today Liberty will represent Nadia Eweida, the Christian BA check-in employee banned from wearing a small cross on a chain, as her case is heard in the Court of Appeal. A Liberty poll of UK Christians, released today, shows overwhelming support not just for Ms Eweida’s case but also for the freedom of all faiths to manifest their religion.

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