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Home Secretary invites Liberty to contribute to counter-terror review

13 July 2010

Today the Home Secretary gave further details about the review of counter-terrorism measures announced last month. The review will consider control orders, section 44 stop and search, pre-charge detention and targeted surveillance powers.

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Liberty welcomes demise of section 44 stop and search after long fight through Courts

08 July 2010

The Home Secretary today announced the suspension of the broad stop and search powers found in section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

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Intelligence services commissioner to lead torture inquiry

06 July 2010

The Prime Minister today announced an inquiry into concerns about collusion in torture by the British authorities during the War on Terror. He also announced the publication of guidance to the intelligence services on the interrogation and treatment of detainees held overseas.

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UK torture inquiry terms agreed

30 June 2010

The Government is expected to announce a judge-led inquiry into allegations of British complicity in the torture of terror suspects held overseas. 

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Court of Human Rights rejects UK Government appeal over Section 44 stop and search powers

30 June 2010

Today the European Court of Human Rights confirmed it has rejected the British government’s final appeal over section 44 stop and search powers.

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An end to lengthy pre-charge detention and control orders?

24 June 2010

Today the Home Secretary announced that the Government would seek to renew the 28 day pre-charge detention limit for terror suspects for six months.

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Judicial review of Jon Gaunt's free speech challenge to Ofcom begins

14 June 2010

Today the judicial review hearing of Ofcom’s decision to uphold complaints against the radio talk show host Jon Gaunt begins in the High Court. Liberty, the human rights group, has intervened in the case because of its wider importance to free speech.

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Liberty renews calls for urgent overhaul as thousands are illegally stopped and searched

10 June 2010

An internal review by the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism revealed that thousands of people have been illegally stopped and searched under section 44 of the Terrorism Act.

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Justice for victim of modern-day slavery

28 May 2010

Liberty today welcomed a jury’s decision to convict the employer of a Liberty client who had been subjected to forced domestic labour for over two and half years.

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ID Cards to be scrapped - but must be scrapped for all

27 May 2010

Liberty today welcomed the new Government’s Identity Documents Bill which will repeal the much criticised ID Cards Act. The organisation has campaigned against ID cards since they were first suggested by then Home Secretary David Blunkett in 2001.

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