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Legal victory for Liberty and gay equality

29 September 2010

Liberty today announces a victory for gay equality in the Court of Human Rights. The case, JM v the United Kingdom, reinforces the unlawfulness of discriminating against a person on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

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Liberty Director pays tribute to the late Lord Bingham

12 September 2010

In response to the news of the death of Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Liberty's Director Shami Chakrabarti said: "Today lawyers and human rights defenders the world over will mourn this great loss."

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Success for Liberty’s Extradition Watch campaign - Home Secretary announces long overdue review of unfair extradition laws

08 September 2010

Today Liberty welcomed the Home Secretary’s announcement that there will be an independent review into Britain’s extradition laws.

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Liberty demands end to unfair extradition

02 September 2010

Today Liberty staged a demonstration against unfair extradition laws outside the extradition hearing of Kent businessman Christopher Tappin.

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Liberty demands extradition justice

27 August 2010

Today Liberty calls on the Government to activate a provision in the Extradition Act that would introduce a crucial safeguard into the British system. The “forum amendment" was supported by Coalition parties in opposition and has lain dormant on the statute books for four years. It allows a UK court to consider barring extradition if a significant part of the conduct that led to an alleged crime took place in or from the UK.

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Liberty responds to counter-terror review: end control orders, reduce pre-charge

19 August 2010

Today Liberty published "From 'War' to Law", its 137 page response to the Government counter-terror review.

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Victory in school mum snooping case

02 August 2010

Today the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled unlawful Poole Borough Council’s surveillance of mum-of-three Jenny Paton and her family.

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Liberty warns MP who refuses to see veiled constituents of unlawful discrimination

25 July 2010

Liberty lawyers have written to Philip Hollobone MP warning him of potential legal action if he refuses to meet with constituents on the basis of their religious dress.

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Court in Jon Gaunt free speech case accepts 'Nazi' is legitimate political slang

13 July 2010

Today the radio talk show host Jon Gaunt lost his judicial review proceedings against Ofcom’s decision to uphold complaints about a heated interview between Mr Gaunt and a local politician.

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Protest walk goes ahead with Liberty's support

13 July 2010

A long-standing annual protest against the American military base at Menwith Hill went ahead on 4 July, despite an initial stance by police that they would no longer facilitate the event.

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