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Liberty launches schools competition to celebrate Human Rights Day

10 December 2010

Today Liberty launches a competition for school children to help them understand the Human Rights Act and its role in defending the rights of young people and adults alike.

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Reprieve for unlikely victims of the 'War' on Terror

19 November 2010

Today Liberty announced that clients Fred Grace and Gemma Atkinson of Fat Rat Films will not face contempt of court proceedings for filming a terror suspect under restrictive immigration bail conditions.

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Payments to ex-Guantanamo detainees must pave way for a full and open inquiry into British complicity in torture

16 November 2010

In response to the Lord Chancellor’s statement about compensation payments to ex-Guantanamo detainees, Liberty renewed calls for the Gibson inquiry into torture allegations to deliver open justice.

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'Inappropriate and misconceived' - police lawyers dismiss Liberty concerns, but West Midlands Chief Constable says Birmingham cameras must go

26 October 2010

In a letter received by Liberty yesterday, lawyers for West Midlands police appear to contradict the reported remarks of the Chief Constable.

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Liberty demands removal of unlawful Birmingham surveillance cameras

18 October 2010

West Midlands Police faces a judicial review of the unlawful, intrusive and discriminatory Project Champion scheme in Birmingham if a commitment is not given within 14 days to remove all associated cameras.

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Police told to discriminate in stop and search - as if Lawrence never happened

16 October 2010

Liberty has warned the Government against draft police guidance that would allow race to be a basis for stop and search without suspicion under section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

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Justice Minister and the British Public Agree on the Value of Human Rights

07 October 2010

Liberty today welcomes Justice Minister Lord McNally’s principled stand on the Human Rights Act. In an exchange in Parliament he vowed to resign if the Act, which is ten years old this week, is scrapped.

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Liberty Seeks Clarity and Fairness in Terror-Asset Freezing Regime

06 October 2010

Liberty has proposed amendments to the highly complex and unfair British terror asset freezing regime, which is as intrusive and unfair as the notorious control orders regime.

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Britain agrees: what’s not to love about the Human Rights Act?

02 October 2010

Today Liberty celebrates a decade of the Human Rights Act by releasing polling data that shows mass support (96%) for a law that protects rights and freedoms in Britain.

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Chief Constable Slams Birmingham Surveillance Scheme

30 September 2010

In an external report commissioned by West Midlands Police, the Chief Constable of Thames Valley has confirmed Liberty’s worst fears about the intrusive, discriminatory and unlawful surveillance scheme known as “Project Champion".

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