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Liberty welcomes amendment to make extradition fairer

18 May 2009

Human rights group Liberty today welcomed an amendment laid by the Conservatives to the Policing and Crime Bill which would make the extradition process fairer.

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Government climb-down on secret inquests

15 May 2009

Human rights group Liberty today claimed victory for victims after the Government announced that the secret inquest provisions in the Coroners and Justice bill would be dropped.

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Liberty response to Home Office DNA Database proposals

07 May 2009

Hundreds of thousands of DNA profiles of innocent people are to be kept on the national DNA database for up to 12 years despite a European Court of Human Rights ruling that the "blanket and indiscriminate" retention of suspects' DNA is unlawful.

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Liberty condemn High Court extradition decision

01 May 2009

Today, the High Court ruled that the extradition of Andrew Symeou must go ahead. Andrew Symeou, a young British man accused of manslaughter, is facing extradition to Greece under a European Arrest Warrant without a British court ever considering the evidence in his case.

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Liberty applauds former Home Secretary’s denunciation of ID cards scheme

29 April 2009

Liberty today welcomed former Home Secretary David Blunkett’s dismissal of the identity cards scheme. David Blunkett first put forward the idea of compulsory ID cards when he was Home Secretary in 2001 but has now withdrawn his support for the unpopular plan.

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Liberty welcomes Government climb-down on centralised communications database

27 April 2009

In a consultation published today, the Government accepted the massive privacy implications of a centralised database holding a record of every email, phone call and text message and confirmed that this plan has been abandoned.

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Response to police search for information about Liberty in MP emails

20 April 2009

In response to revelations that Police who arrested the Conservative frontbencher Damian Green searched his private e-mails looking for information on Liberty (The Times, April 18 2009)

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Full investigation into riot policing methods needed in the wake of G20 protests

17 April 2009

Liberty welcomes Metropolitan Police review of all footage from the G20 demonstration and urges speed and transparency in IPCC investigation.

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Liberty welcomes police investigation into Binyam Mohamed torture case

26 March 2009

The Attorney General announced today that she has asked the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to investigate British involvement in the alleged kidnap and torture of British resident Binyam Mohamed.

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Battle against secret inquests moves to the House of Lords

24 March 2009

Human rights group Liberty said the battle against the Government’s secret inquest proposals will now be taken up in the House of Lords.

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