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Liberty response to Counter-Terrorism Bill second reading

01 April 2008

Liberty Director Shami Chakrabarti responds to the second reading of the Counter-Terrorism Bill in the House of Commons.

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Liberty urges Government to drop controversial pre-charge detention plan on eve of Counter-Terrorism Bill second reading

31 March 2008

On the eve of the Counter-Terrorism Bill’s second reading, the human rights group Liberty has urged the Government to drop controversial plans to hold suspects for up to 42 days without charge. For nine months, Liberty has been organizing a cross-party political and public campaign against the divisive policy, which would create injustice and undermine community relations.

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Ministry of Defence admits human rights violation of Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa and others

27 March 2008

The Ministry of Defence today admitted violating the human rights of Iraqi Baha Mousa, a hotel receptionist who died in 2003 after sustaining 93 injuries while in UK detention in Iraq.

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Is Government’s ID card roll out first step toward compulsion?

06 March 2008

The Government’s announcement that ID cards will soon be compulsory for foreign nationals, “high-risk” workers and eventually students is an attempt to soften up the public before making ID cards compulsory for all British nationals, warned Liberty today.

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High Court to consider public inquiry into Harmondsworth disturbance

03 March 2008

Liberty will tell the High Court tomorrow that vulnerable detainees were left in overcrowded, flooded cells without food or water while fires burned during a disturbance in Harmondsworth detention centre and call for a public inquiry into the incident.

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Liberty launches powerful cinema advert in London cinemas to alert public about draconian anti-terror plans

29 February 2008

Today Liberty will launch a powerful cinema ad to raise awareness of the negative human impact of the Government’s controversial plans to hold terror suspects for 42 days without charge.

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European Court of Human Rights upholds absolute prohibition against torture

28 February 2008

Today the European Court of Human Rights upheld the absolute prohibition against torture requiring Governments to protect individuals who may face torture in their home country.

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European Court of Human Rights DNA case will promote national database debate, says Liberty

27 February 2008

Two individuals whose DNA was taken by police and retained on the national DNA database although they were later found to be innocent are to have their case heard by the European Court of Human Rights.

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Liberty calls for full inquiry into UK role in “extraordinary rendition” flights

21 February 2008

Liberty today called for a full inquiry into UK complicity with US extraordinary rendition flights in which kidnapped suspects are taken to third countries where they may face torture.

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Liberty welcomes move to allow intercept evidence in court

06 February 2008

Liberty today welcomed the Privy Council Report’s findings that a new framework can be introduced to allow the use of intercept evidence in criminal trials and called for 42 day detention proposal to be scrapped.

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