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Liberty and the FSF team up to fight for human rights of football fans

18 December 2008

Relying on section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act, the Greater Manchester Police rounded up 80 Stoke City fans who had stopped at a pub on the way to a match at Old Trafford on 15 November.

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British public overwhelmingly support Human Rights

10 December 2008

Despite overwhelming public support for a law protecting rights and freedoms, new poll figures show the Government has failed to inform the public about the Human Rights Act. The polling, released on the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, reveals overwhelming support for the contents of the Human Rights Act, with 96% believing that it is important that there is a law that protects rights and freedoms in Britain.

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Retaining DNA samples of innocents breaches human rights

04 December 2008

The DNA profiles of roughly 850,000 innocent people should be taken off the National DNA Database (NDNAD) following a European Court of Human Rights judgment today said Liberty. Two Britons whose DNA was retained by police brought the legal challenge, claiming that their inclusion on the NDNAD continued to cast suspicion on them after they had been cleared of any wrong-doing.

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New Citizenship Bill to bring compulsory ID cards via the back door

02 December 2008

New powers to establish compulsory identity cards via the back door are to be introduced in the Immigration and Citizenship bill in the Queen’s speech tomorrow, said Liberty. Powers to examine identity documents, previously thought to apply only in UK ports of entry, will be extended through hidden clauses in the bill to criminalize anyone in Britain who has ever left the country and fails to produce identity papers upon demand.

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Liberty concerned about heavy-handed tactics against opposition politician

28 November 2008

The human rights group Liberty expressed concern about the heavy-handed arrest of Shadow Immigration Secretary Damian Green for allegedly “aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office” yesterday. Liberty was dismayed that on the eve of appointing a new Commissioner, the Metropolitan Police may have yet to learn important lessons about the dangers of becoming embroiled in politics.

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Liberty to support “shock jock” Jon Gaunt in battle with talkSport radio

25 November 2008

Sacked “shock jock” Jon Gaunt today welcomed the support of human rights group Liberty in his legal battle against talkSport radio.

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Liberty warns against expensive and invasive ID card scheme

06 November 2008

Liberty responds to the Home Secretary’s announcement that the ID cards roll-out will be accelerated with private contractors taking sensitive biometric details.

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Liberty argues vulnerable psychiatric patients deserve same protections as prisoners

24 October 2008

The same ‘right to life’ test should apply to patients detained in psychiatric hospitals as it does to prisoners, said the human rights group Liberty today.

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Law Lords to consider “deportation to torture” appeals

23 October 2008

Details of Algeria’s human rights record should not be subject to secret hearings by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) when determining if Algerian nationals are to be returned to the risk of torture, said the human rights group Liberty today.

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Mother facing separation from her son under Shari’a law granted refuge by Law Lords

22 October 2008

A Lebanese woman who fled her abusive husband to retain custody of their son will be allowed to remain in the UK following a significant House of Lords’ ruling today.

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