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Liberty responds to Independent Police Complaints Commission announcement on Stockwell shooting investigation

11 May 2007

The human rights group Liberty today expressed bitter disappointment that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has again delayed its determination of whether disciplinary action will be taken against senior officers named in the investigation into the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. Mr. Menezes, a Brazillian electrician, was shot seven times by police during a botched anti-terror operation in Stockwell underground station in July 2005.

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Liberty calls for new protocols for off the record anti-terror media briefings

08 May 2007

Following the comments of Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke of the Metropolitan Police that there were a "small number of misguided individuals who betray confidences" in irresponsible off the record briefings to the media during anti-terror operations and who, by doing so, "put lives at risk," Liberty today will call for new protocols for civil servants and police who provide off the record media briefings during anti-terror raids.

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Liberty welcomes SIAC decision not to return Libyans to face possible torture

27 April 2007

The human rights group Liberty today welcomed the Special Immigration Appeals Commission’s (SIAC) decision not to deport two Libyan nationals deemed to be at risk of being tortured if returned to Libya.

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Law Lords to determine if elderly in private care homes are protected by Human Rights Act 

27 April 2007

On Monday 30 April the Law Lords will consider if vulnerable people are being denied human rights protections as the government increasingly hires private companies, which are not always subject to the Human Rights Act, to provide public services for them.

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Liberty welcomes anti-terror police chief's concerns on briefings 

25 April 2007

Liberty today welcomed the condemnation of leaks to the media during anti-terror operations by the UK’s top anti-terror police chief Peter Clarke.

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Lone protestors to hold 2,000 demonstrations in one day to ridicule Parliament Square protest ban 

20 April 2007

The biggest number of peaceful demonstrators since spontaneous protest was banned around Parliament Square will gather there at 10:15am on Saturday 21 April. Inspired by comedian Mark Thomas and supported by the human rights group Liberty, scores of people will hold more than 2,000 lone demonstrations for the “Big One” event and ridicule laws requiring peaceful demonstrators to seek advanced permission to protest near Westminster and Whitehall.

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British victims of terror abroad call for Government help 

17 April 2007

British victims of terror attacks overseas and their families will gather in Westminster at 11:30 on Thursday 19 April to call for a government assistance scheme proposed in a Private Members Bill by Lord Brennan QC. Backed by the human rights group Liberty, the measures seek to provide the same long-term financial and emotional support to British victims of terror attacks overseas that victims of terrorism in the UK receive.

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New abuse photos and father's plea for justice mark opening of Law Lords' Iraqi civilian deaths case

12 April 2007

New photographs showing that an Iraqi civilian killed in UK detention was severely beaten will be revealed by his father at a press conference on Monday hosted by the human rights group Liberty. The event marks the beginning of a Law Lords hearing to determine if human rights laws should apply to the British military operating abroad.

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Court rules spying on employee's personal communications is illegal 

03 April 2007

A college secretary from Wales represented by the human rights group Liberty has won a legal battle against her employers and the UK Government after a senior member of staff at the college secretly monitored her personal communications for up to 18 months without her consent.

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Liberty expresses bitter disappointment at Terror watchdog's review 

15 March 2007

Today the Independent Reviewer Lord Carlile published his review of the definition of terrorism, finding that the current definition is ‘fit for purpose’.The human rights group Liberty expressed bitter disappointment that such an imprecise definition of terrorism coupled with expansive new anti-terror powers could lead to grave injustices yet could also make successful prosecutions more difficult to obtain. 

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