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Liberty challenges extensive secrecy in Algerian deportation case 

18 June 2007

Details of Algeria’s human rights record and diplomatic negotiations between the UK and Algerian governments should not be the subject of secret hearings by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) when determining if Algerian detainees are to be returned to the risk of torture, said the human rights group Liberty.

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Law Lords rule Iraqi detainees protected by Human Rights Act 

13 June 2007

In a landmark decision handed down today, the House of Lords Appellate Committee has ruled that those held in UK detention facilities in Iraq are protected by the Human Rights Act. The immediate implication is that there must be a full independent inquiry whenever detainees suffer inhuman treatment, torture or death whilst detained in UK military establishments anywhere in the world.

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Law Lords to announce landmark decision on public inquiries for Iraq torture cases 

12 June 2007

At 10:00 on Wednesday 13 June on St. Stephens Green, Liberty Director Shami Chakrabarti and Public Interest Lawyers solicitor Phil Shiner will react to a landmark Law Lords ruling which will determine if Iraqi civilians abused by UK soldiers are subject to human rights protections.

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Liberty calls ACPO findings on extraordinary rendition a "whitewash" 

11 June 2007

On the evening of 8 June 2007, Liberty received a letter from Police Chief Constable Michael Todd on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) which refused to commence a police enquiry into allegations that extraordinary rendition flights had received UK logistical support.

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Liberty warns against punishment without trial for terror suspects

07 June 2007

The human rights group Liberty expressed grave concern that proposals to detain terror suspects for more than four weeks before they are charged will amount to internment and could act as a recruiting force for terrorists as the Home Secretary announced a new anti-terror consultation today.

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Attorney General faces new questions on ill-treatment of Iraqi civilians

05 June 2007

Today the Attorney General will face new questions about his legal stance on whether stress, hooding and sleep and food deprivation “techniques” banned by the Heath Government in 1972 were authorised for use by British soldiers against Iraqi civilians.

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Liberty rejects the Home Secretary's blustering rhetoric on control orders 

24 May 2007

In response to news that three more men on control orders have absconded, the Home Secretary has today called for a cross party consensus behind new counter-terrorism measures.

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Liberty calls for investigation in mistreatment of asylum seekers

21 May 2007

As evidence is revealed of vulnerable detainees being imprisoned in overcrowded and flooded cells while fires burned, Liberty called on the Home Office to act. They requested the Home Secretary, John Reid, to order a public inquiry into the serious disturbance that took place at Harmondsworth detention centre in west London last November and into the treatment that led detainees to desperate measures.

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Liberty challenges unnecessary imprisonment of asylum claimants 

16 May 2007

The European Court of Human Rights today will seek to determine if the detention of asylum seekers for mere administrative convenience violates their right to liberty.

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Liberty seeks justice for families whose loved ones die in state custody

15 May 2007

The human rights group Liberty is urging MPs to support the rights of families whose loved ones die in state custody in a critical vote on the Corporate Manslaughter Bill tomorrow. The Home Secretary has declined the House of Lords’ proposal to include deaths in custody in the Bill and today urged MPs to give him the power to consider the issue at some indefinite point in the future.

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