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Home Affairs Select Committee opposes pre-charge detention beyond 28 days in terror cases

13 December 2007

Today the Home Affairs Select Committee announced its unequivocal opposition to extending pre-charge detention, noting that neither the Government nor police had made the case to go beyond the current 28-day limit. The Committee also backed alternatives suggested by Liberty, including the use of intercept evidence in terror trials and allowing post-charge questioning of terror suspects.

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Law Lords find UK Government must share human rights liability in Iraq with United Nations

12 December 2007

The UK cannot pass responsibility to the United Nations for its human rights abuses in Iraq following a Law Lords ruling today.

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Home Secretary’s anti-terror plans abandon vital safeguards

11 December 2007

Today Liberty reaffirmed its opposition to the Home Secretary’s proposals to extend pre-charge detention to 42 days in terror cases. The human rights group dismissed the Government’s scheme which contains superficial Parliamentary and judicial oversight. Crucially, extension can be introduced without a genuine emergency.

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Government ignores consensus on pre-charge detention

06 December 2007

The Government will today ignore the growing consensus against extending pre-charge detention for terror suspects when it announces new anti-terror powers which lack the safeguards of existing laws.

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Archaic blasphemy laws weakened by Jerry Springer ruling

05 December 2007

Out-dated blasphemous libel laws were critically weakened today when a High Court judge found the laws could only apply if the material is “so…offensive in manner that it undermines society...” A private prosecution brought by the group Christian Voice against the producer and broadcaster of Jerry Springer – the Opera was thrown out in the first test of the blasphemy laws in nearly 30 years.

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Liberty responds to Home Affairs Select Committee draft report on anti-terror powers

05 December 2007

Response to reports of a leaked Home Affairs Select Committee draft report on anti-terror powers.

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Liberty and Justice host Human Rights Awards

04 December 2007

Outstanding human rights leaders will be honoured for their pioneering and brave work at the Liberty/Justice Human Rights Awards 2007 on 10 December, sponsored by Allen and Overy.

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Liberty launches “Charge or Release” campaign to halt Government plans to extend pre-charge terror detention

30 November 2007

The human rights group Liberty today formally launched its “Charge or Release” campaign to stop Government plans to extend the period terror suspects are held without charge.

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Liberty challenges blasphemy laws in 'Jerry Springer: The Opera' case

19 November 2007

Blasphemy laws will be on trial tomorrow in a High Court prosecution brought by Christian Voice against the producer and broadcaster of 'Jerry Springer: The Opera'. In a third-party intervention, human rights group Liberty will challenge outdated blasphemy offences and argue that free speech rights must protect sacred, profane and secular language alike.

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Liberty challenges unlawful exclusion of Sikh schoolgirl

13 November 2007

A school in South Wales will face legal action for punishing and excluding a Sikh girl for wearing a small religious bangle, nearly 25 years after the Law Lords determined that Sikh children could wear items representing their faith, including a turban, to school.

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