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Key Law Lords decision on right to peaceful protest

13 December 2006

In a landmark decision the Law Lords have determined that police may not prevent peaceful demonstrations unless a breach of the peace by protesters is imminent. The Lords upheld Liberty's arguments in the Laporte case that the police failed properly to respect the right to freedom of expression and assembly when they stopped 120 peace activists en route to an anti-war demonstration at RAF Fairford airbase.

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Liberty and JUSTICE host fifth annual Human Rights Awards

07 December 2006

Outstanding rights leaders to be honoured at Herbert Smith ceremony Exemplary human rights leaders will be celebrated for their ground-breaking and courageous work at the Liberty / JUSTICE Human Rights Awards 2006 on 12 December hosted by the law firm Herbert Smith

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Independence of Criminal Cases Review Commission upheld

06 December 2006

The Divisional Court has upheld the independence of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) when determining which cases it should refer to the Court of Appeal. The human rights group Liberty intervened in the case.

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Extradition Act 2003 undermines fundamental rights

30 November 2006

Today the High Court determined that Babar Ahmad can be extradited to the USA to face terror-related charges.

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Liberty calls on Parliament to quash new bill abolishing jury trial

28 November 2006

Tomorrow the Government will seek to eliminate jury trials in complex fraud cases despite fierce and prolonged Parliamentary opposition.

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Liberty media advisory: National Rally to Defend Freedom of Religion, Conscience and Thought on Monday 20 November

17 November 2006

National Rally to Defend Freedom of Religion, Conscience and Thought.  More than one thousand people are expected to join a national rally in London on Monday, 20 November to defend the right to freedom of religion, conscience and thought. 

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Queen’s speech proposals promise more rough justice

15 November 2006

In response to the Queen’s speech today, Liberty accused the Government of promoting yet more rough justice through excessive criminal justice proposals. 

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Peace activist challenges Westminster protest ban

14 November 2006

Liberty calls freedom of speech curbs “over-the-top”  On 16 November, peace activist Milan Rai and others will bring a High Court challenge against a law prohibiting unauthorised demonstrations within one kilometre of Parliament. 

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Liberty responds to the Prime Minister’s monthly briefing

06 November 2006

In response to the Prime Minister’s monthly briefing on ID cards, Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty said:  “The Prime Minister today presented a false choice between civil liberties and “modernity”.

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Lord Falconer and the Human Rights Act

30 October 2006

Today, in advance of his appearance before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, the Lord Chancellor defended the Human Rights Act. He cited the case in particular of Naomi Bryant who was murdered.

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