Why we’re protesting against Trump’s UK visit

Posted by David Mulcahy on 03 June 2019

US President Donald Trump landed safely at Stansted Airport this morning for his three-day state visit – that will be the smoothest part of his trip.

Thousands of people are set to take to the streets up and down the country tomorrow to protest against the President dropping by. We’ll be joining the demonstrators in London, but not just in outrage at his anti-migrant rhetoric and rights-abusing policies, but because the same words and actions are being replicated here in the UK.

Trumpism in the UK

Our Government is the only one in Europe which sanctions locking up migrants – including survivors of torture, rape and human trafficking – without release dates. All the medical evidence says that just one month in detention seriously damages mental health, but many people in immigration detention centres are held for months on end. Some for years.

The ‘hostile environment’ has turned trusted public servants into border guards, leaving people too afraid to seek medical care, report crimes to the police or send their children to school in case it results in detention and deportation.

Migrants who do access healthcare are charged for treatment at 150 per cent of the actual cost.

Children who do go to school but whose parents have ‘no recourse to public funds’ because of their immigration status can’t access free school meals and instead go hungry no matter how desperate their circumstances.

And the Government is now building a (formerly secret until we exposed it) massive migrant database to embed border controls even deeper within our communities.

That’s why we’ll be demonstrating tomorrow, because many of the same policies from across the Atlantic that we rightfully find abhorrent have been in place in the UK for years – and if we do nothing, more will follow.

If you plan on protesting tomorrow, come find us in the Migrants’ Rights Zone in London’s Trafalgar Square. It’s next to the National Gallery main entrance.

Together thousands of people will stand up to power tomorrow and send a message that human rights are universal and we won’t let anyone take them from us.

David Mulcahy Liberty

David Mulcahy

Communications Officer