Whoever's in No 10 tomorrow, we'll hold them to account

Posted by Martha Spurrier on 08 June 2017

Almost before it began, the snap general election is nearly over.

Tomorrow we start a new chapter – and we have a chance to decide what kind of country we want to build over the next five years.

On Tuesday, we heard the Prime Minister threaten to tear up our human rights laws. Clearly – whoever wins – we need to ask how we’ve come to a place where compassion, decency and fairness have become dirty words in UK politics.

Since 2015, our politics has been infected with the most divisive rhetoric we’ve heard in decades.

We’ve seen the murder of Jo Cox MP, toxic campaigning ahead of the EU referendum and a frightening rise in hate crime.

Overseas, we’ve watched the election of Donald Trump, nationalism gaining momentum across Europe and an ongoing refugee crisis on our continent’s shores that’s all but vanished from the news thanks to political dramas at home.

In recent months, our society has been shaken by three appalling terror attacks.

But in their wake, communities have held onto their hope by coming together to stand united against those who seek to divide us.

What's next?

Now another day in the polling booths looms and no one knows what’s coming next.

But one thing is for certain. Whoever’s elected, Liberty will be there to hold the new Government to account.

Over the past two years we’ve fought the creep of mass surveillance into our lives and achieved landmark victories in the courts.

We’ve defended the rights of soldiers and their families who’ve been let down by those they served.

We’ve stood up for the rights of refugees and migrants detained without committing any crime.

We’ve battled the building of discriminatory Home Office border controls in our schools, hospitals and homes.

For 83 years we’ve been there to protect protesters, challenge government threats to freedoms and uphold the fundamental rights of everyone in the UK.

But we’ve got a feeling we’ll be needed more than ever over the next five years.

On the streets, in the courts

As we face perhaps the biggest overhaul of our laws since the Glorious Revolution of 1688, our human rights are under threat.

As Brexit negotiations begin, Liberty is embarking on a project to establish what rights are most at risk, and campaigning to make sure they’re going nowhere.

As the Government grapples with its approach to refugees and migrants, we’ll push them to put decency, fairness and human rights at the heart of politics.

If ministers rush through kneejerk legislation in response to terror attacks, Liberty will take action to stop the freedoms terrorists seek to destroy from being voluntarily abandoned by our own representatives.

If they trade our hard fought-for human rights protections for cheap political points and headlines, we will stop them.

And we’ll be there, on the streets and in the courts, to challenge every measure that alienates, discriminates and gives in to the politics of fear.

Changing laws, changing minds

Liberty and our members have a long history of taking action to protect our rights and freedoms in the UK.

And we have a track record of success – keeping governments in line when they overstep the mark, changing laws and changing minds.

We stand with our members to hold the powerful to account – totally independent of those we challenge and without allegiance to any party.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a new Government to keep in check. And, just like we have since 1934, we will be watching them.

Whoever you’re backing today, make sure you use your voice and vote.

And whoever’s in Number 10 tomorrow, you can trust us to strive for a Britain that’s fair, free and kind.

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Martha Spurrier

Martha Spurrier