Who are your human rights heroes?

Posted by Martha Spurrier on 20 June 2017

In every town and city, in every school and family, there are inspiring people doing amazing things to bring about change for the better. Now is the time to tell Liberty who they are so that we can celebrate them.

Whether it’s a family fighting for justice for a loved one, a journalist uncovering uncomfortable truths, a young activist standing up to the establishment, a public servant pioneering human rights in their work or technologist dedicated to protecting our privacy, we want to hear about them.

The past year has been dominated by divisive politics and tragic events.

But even in the most troubling times, we have found unity and hope.

We are united by our compassion and together we can reject the politics of hate and fear. We are dedicated to the values we have in common – kindness, decency and fairness.

The Human Rights Awards are a celebration of these values. They are at the heart of the stories and achievements of those we recognise. 

These are the angels of our better nature – organising, mobilising, and making their voices heard in court rooms, town halls, newsrooms, streets and the corridors of power across the country. Demanding change, defying abuses of power, challenging injustice and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable so that this country is a place of hope for future generations.

So tell us about your human rights heroes – there are many to choose from.

Liberty has been fighting to protect freedom for over 80 years and every year we find new hope and reason to celebrate in the amazing individuals we fight alongside. We can’t wait to hear who has inspired you this year.

Send your nominations to nominations@liberty-human-rights.org.uk by 5pm on Friday 14 July.

Find out more about the awards, past winners and how to nominate.

Martha Spurrier

Martha Spurrier