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Posted by Rachel Robinson on 08 August 2013

On Tuesday the Liberty Van hit the streets of London. It was our response to the nasty Home Office “Go Home” vans that were sowing division across London a few weeks ago.

Our van started the day by circling the Home Office, offering them a taste of their own medicine. Driving a National Front-style slogan around ethnically diverse areas – and ignoring their legal duty to counter discrimination and foster good relations – is as un-British as it is unlawful.

We were also asking members of the public to get in touch if they have been stopped during UKBA spot-checks. Liberty doubts the Home Office’s legal authority to conduct these fishing expeditions and eye witness accounts suggest racial profiling.

The response to our van (supplied by Gorilla Media) was overwhelming. Special thanks has to go to all those who engaged with it on Twitter and Facebook – if you hadn’t spread the word it would never have reached so many. As it was, it generated thousands of tweets and retweets, helping to make sure the government doesn’t get the last word.

Our supporters, on social media and beyond, made for an incredibly positive and inspiring day for all involved – thank you!

We’ll continue to challenge these Home Office practices but, as always, we need your help. Liberty is a membership organisation so joining us is a brilliant way to become more involved in our work. The support of members allows us to campaign, raise awareness, take key legal cases and give free legal advice to thousands every year.

Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson

Policy and Advocacy Manager