The results are in and the fight is on to #KeepBritainKind

Posted by Martha Spurrier on 09 June 2017


Who saw that coming? After a hectic night and a morning of uncertainty, it looks like we've got a minority Conservative Government – propped up by the DUP.

Liberty is, and always has been, totally independent. We don’t support any political party.

What we and our members do is keep the powerful in line when they overstep the mark. We achieve real, positive change to make this country a better, fairer place.

And over the coming weeks and months we’ve got a feeling we’ll be needed more than ever.

In the two years since the 2015 election, we’ve seen politicians spread hate, division and discrimination through their words and their laws.

And it looks like we can expect more of the same.

Just days ago, Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans for unsafe and draconian powers, long ago discredited and abandoned by previous governments.

Worse still, she promised to tear up our human rights laws if they got in her way.

The laws that help people every day all over the country, that protect us all from state abuse, that gave the Hillsborough families the truth – thrown away in a desperate bid to score political points, at any cost.

Home Office tentacles have crept into every part of our lives, with even schools and hospitals forced to share sensitive information to help deportations.

Our Government has turned its back on refugees, leaving thousands of children in desperate need.

On our own soil, more than 30,000 people are locked up indefinitely having committed no crime, held in immigration detention centres hidden from public view.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. We have the power to put things right.

For however long it takes, Liberty will work to dismantle racist policies that divide and discriminate – in the courts, in Parliament and on the streets.

We’re going to make sure our rights aren’t going anywhere as we leave the European Union.

And we will stop any attempts to scrap the law that keeps us all safe and keeps us all free – our Human Rights Act.

Our politicians work for us. And we’re going to put decency, compassion and fairness back at the heart of UK politics.

Join us in our campaign to #KeepBritainKind.


Martha Spurrier

Martha Spurrier