A ray of sunshine for rights

Posted by Pippa Johnson on 13 January 2017

January is a pretty dreary month. It’s dark, the weather is awful and everyone has given up everything fun. My ray of sunshine this week came when hundreds of people stepped up to support our court case against the Snoopers’ Charter. So far 1,538 people have donated an amazing £43,790.

Liberty is seeking a High Court judicial review of the core mass surveillance powers in the Snoopers’ Charter – and we’re asking the public to help us take on the challenge by donating via crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice.

On Tuesday evening, the day we launched the campaign, I stayed up way too late watching the donations fly in.

I was completely overwhelmed – not only because of the amazing sum being raised for our case, but also because of how many people care so much about something that can sometimes feel quite intangible.

Reading through the comments was a real boost – knowing we’re part of something really big, that together we can take the powerful on and that we aren’t just shouting into an empty void. The Government don’t want you to care –  it would make their lives much easier if you didn’t.

In today’s world, pretty much everyone lives their lives online in some shape or form. I know I certainly do.

And it’s disturbing to know the fact that you’re reading this right now is being recorded. The details of the next text you send will be logged: who it goes to, where you are and when you send it. Whether you spend the next three hours on Netflix, have an unhealthy addiction to buying trainers or spend eight hours a day playing 'Clash of Clans'.

Your sexual preferences, health worries, religious and political beliefs. All of it monitored by the Government.

But, thanks to those 1,538 brilliant people we smashed our first target, and we now have a great chance to fight this authoritarian surveillance regime. We can now request permission from the court to proceed with our case.

If we are successful in getting through to the next stage of the case, our costs will go up considerably. So we need people to carry on donating. If you haven’t already pledged, please do. It only takes a moment, but the impact will last a lifetime.

Please also share are our CrowdJustice page with your friends and family, colleagues and confidantes. Whether you send it via email, Facebook or Twitter we would really appreciate your support.

Together we can do this. 

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No Snoopers' Charter

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