Occupying the moral high ground

Posted by Bella Sankey on 28 February 2012

It’s always sad to see forced eviction marking the end of a non violent demonstration but credit must be given to the overwhelming majority of Occupy protesters who went as they came – in peace.

Some people may have been irritated by the Occupy London Stock Exchange demonstrators. Some were quick to find them a nuisance – but protest cannot always be convenient or tidy if it is to be effective. Coordinating a whole range of views is an enormous challenge, particularly when emotions run high and sadly a tiny minority will often cross the line into counterproductive conduct. But most members of this group behaved admirably and we will no doubt see them again on another day, attempting to engage the public in another way.

Ultimately, the movement had its say but respected the final Court judgment and acted accordingly, even though it disagreed with it – perhaps some politicians could learn from this example?