Minister on Question Time: caught in the headlights?

Posted by on 05 November 2010

Was it just me or did Lib Dem Jeremy Browne defend control orders on Question Time last night?

Perhaps it was just a nightmare of a parallel universe where former Sun columnist Jon Gaunt has to defend the rule of law and condemn house arrest in the face of squirming Lib Dem Ministers.

How do you promise to scrap control orders in your election manifesto (PDF) and become quite so coy on the issue in only a few short months? I suppose it’s heartening that Mr Browne clearly stated that the Government would listen to the advice of Lord Ken Macdonald, who is overseeing the government review of counter terrorism and security powers.  Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Lord Macdonald, has been a very public critic of the control order regime and I’m sure that his conclusions will make for interesting reading.

Three cheers also for the Lib Dem Environment Secretary Chris Huhne for sticking to his principles against indefinite house arrest without charge or trial on the Politics Show last Sunday. No universal amnesia in Government then?

Are you a Liberal Democrat voter, member or activist? Did you get the same sinking feeling that I had when watching Question Time last night? Then why not write to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg about this unfair and unsafe policy.  Control orders must go – let’s hold them to their promise.

For more information read Chronology of a car crash? and support the campaign to end control orders by visiting Unsafe Unfair.