Jan Sutton – an indomitable force for good

Posted by Martha Spurrier on 11 July 2017

On 8 June 2017 we lost an inspiring human rights campaigner and a much loved friend – Jan Sutton.

Jan was an indomitable force for good in the world. She joined the British Red Cross at the tender age of six and dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of disabled people.

Jan Sutton
When Jan was 25, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Jan fought her local council to give her the care she needed to live a free, dignified life. Using the Human Rights Act, she battled for enough care and support to enable her to get out of bed every day.

Her courage and determination to make the council value her life as much as anybody else’s was an inspiration.

And, once she had won that fight, Jan turned her energy to making sure others would never have to battle for decent care.

She blogged and tweeted with infectious passion, and in 2016 was one of the faces of the Act for the Act national poster campaign to save the Human Rights Act – reminding everyone what human rights do for people all over our country, every day.

In 2015, Liberty was honoured to give Jan a Human Rights Award for her huge contribution.

You can watch Jan talking about why rights matter in this film, which encapsulates so much of her warmth, compassion and commitment.

Jan will always be an inspirational figure for us at Liberty, and we will miss her greatly.

Martha Spurrier

Martha Spurrier