Investigatory Powers Bill: Spoiler Alert - this is terrifying

Posted by Mairi Clare Rodgers on 04 November 2015

So on Monday we told you it was sleight of hand and today we can confirm - there has definitely been no Government climbdown on surveillance. 

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill, announced today, constitutes an astonishing assault on all of our internet security. 

Some highlights: communication service providers will be required to store details of every website we visit for a year (haven’t we been here before?); provisions for the intelligence agencies to acquire information in bulk;  new powers allowing police and security services to hack into our devices and networks (spoiler alert: this is terrifying); and a rubber-stamp version of ‘judicial oversight’ that would be funny if this wasn’t a hugely important issue that will affect every man, woman and child in the country. 

Striking a balance between privacy and surveillance

Surveillance powers are an incredibly important tool when it comes to preventing and detecting serious crime.  We know how vital the job the authorities do is but this isn’t about making a choice between security and privacy – it’s about striking the balance between privacy and surveillance, which is a very different thing altogether.

This bill is a once in a generation chance to shape our surveillance laws so they keep us safe and respect our privacy.  We won’t let the Government squander this opportunity and we know that you won’t either. 

We care about both our security and our privacy (it is possible to care about both!) and have an 8 point plan for a necessary, proportionate and accountable surveillance framework. 

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