Give Liberty a big hand with the Big Give

Posted by Shami Chakrabarti on 03 December 2010

During the week beginning 6 December, donations made to Liberty’s capital appeal through the Big Give website will be matched up to a total of £40,000.

The Big Give is a non-profit organisation helping donors to find and support charities and from the 6 - 10 December, donations to the Civil Liberties Trust made through their website will be doubled. This is a fantastic opportunity for Liberty to raise funding for our much needed new building.

The first £20,000 donated to the Civil Liberties Trust during the week is guaranteed to be matched, and beyond this the matched funding is on a competitive ‘first-come-first-served’ basis, up to a total of £40,000. I would advise that you donate on Monday 6 December but if you can't on Monday please don't let that put you off donating throughout the week!

Now more than ever, Liberty's work is vital.  We need your support to become more persuasive, more effective and more influential.  A new home in the heart of Wesminster will give us more space, meeting rooms, modern facilities and improved accessibility. We will take on more volunteers and host our own events. In an ever-changing world, your help is crucial if we are to better prepare for the challenges ahead.

There will always be threats to our fundamental rights and freedoms - together we can be ready to meet them.

Access the donation page from 10am Monday 6 December: >> DONATE