Four campaigns: Four actions

Posted by Ian McDonald on 24 May 2012

The dust has now settled after this month’s Queen’s Speech, which set out the Coalition Government’s legislative intentions for the next year – and brought with it a whole new host of challenges for fundamental rights and freedoms in the UK.

The ongoing support of Liberty’s members and followers will prove increasingly vital in meeting those very challenges. We’ll be campaigning and lobbying hard against plans to shut down open justice and invade the privacy of law-abiding Britons – but we can’t do it without your help.

We appreciate that much of the UK is currently basking in glorious early summer sunshine, and this weekend most of you will no doubt be outside, making the most of the great weather with family and friends.

But if you can spare just five minutes or so, please also support the work of Liberty and our campaigns by completing a few of our simple member actions. A little help from you can go a long way:


For Their Eyes Only

The Government's Justice and Security Bill would allow dirty secrets to be hidden from open courts, the press and public. No one is above the law, including the state.

Help us fight the plans by downloading our For Their Eyes Only blindfold – and sending us a picture of you showing your support by wearing it for our For Their Eyes Only gallery


No Snoopers’ Charter

The Government is proposing the collection and storage of “communications data” for the entire population. Records of all our e-mails, texts, calls and web browsing would be collected and stored by private firms.

Join us and say NO to the Snoopers’ Charter – e-mail your MP now via our take action page and remind the Government that we are a nation of citizens, not suspects.


Common Values

Human rights are about dignity, equality and respect. These values are common to us all no matter how different we may seem. The Human Rights Act protects us all - old and young, rich and poor, you and me.

Help us increase respect and understanding for human rights values. Spread the love by sharing our Common Values page with your friends and adding our “Love human rights” twibbon to your social network profile.


Extradition Watch

We are campaigning for fairer extradition laws. British people can currently be extradited for trial abroad with no guarantee there is any evidence against them. ‘Fast-track’ extradition is justice denied.

Find out more about the case of Gary McKinnon, the British man facing extradition to the US for hacking into Pentagon and NASA systems, and take action now by sending a message of support to Gary.

Finally, it's also our Members' Conference and AGM this Saturday. If you're interested in coming - but not yet a member of Liberty - there's still time to join up and attend. E-mail and we'll be in touch.