Five actions, five minutes

Posted by Sabina Frediani on 10 June 2011

What have you got planned this weekend? A bit of shopping? Enjoying the Great British Summer and firing up the barbeque, maybe? Can you squeeze in fighting to protect civil liberties and promoting human rights as well? Yes you can!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, please try and spare five minutes to help Liberty campaign. Whether you’re opposing a bad taste bye-law banning soup runs for the homeless, sending our ‘Unusual Suspects’ e-card about ‘control orders lite’ to a friend, challenging myths about the Human Rights Act in your local paper or helping Liberty get to a new home, your support is vital.

In fact there are so many ways in which you can help, we thought we’d put together a handy list for you to keep. So next time you’re enjoying your coffee break, all you need to do is visit our website and take one of our easy campaign actions. Five actions, five minutes – that’s all it takes to protect civil liberties, promote human rights and ensure that Liberty can keep on campaigning well into the future.

1. Sign our Liberty Soup Petition and forward to a friend

Urge Westminster Council to drop plans to ban soup-runs to the homeless. Sign our petition and forward to friends. You can also email your MP and local Councillors.

>> Sign the petition


2. Buy a Liberty brick

For a £25 donation to our ‘Future of Liberty’ appeal you can become the proud owner of your very own virtual Liberty brick, representing another step towards our goal of a new home. If you buy a brick, we’d love to hear your reasons why. Make a £25 donation at with a message of support and we'll add it to our wall.

>> Buy a brick


3. Send our ‘Unusual Suspects’ e-card to a friend

The TPIMs Bill is progressing through Parliament. Visit our Bill tracker to find out more and help spread the word about our Unsafe Unfair campaign and ‘control orders lite’ by sending a celebrity e-card from our website.

>> Download the Unusual Suspects e-card


4. Explode some myths about the HRA in the media

Sick and tired of reading negative and inaccurate stories about the Human Rights Act? If you see any news stories attacking the Act, use our Truth and Illusion page to write a letter and set them straight. Remember to get in touch to let us know.

>> Human Rights Law: Truth and Illusion


5. Add a Liberty twibbon to your profile picture

Let the world know you love human rights and civil liberties by adding our twibbon (a small graphic badge) to your profile picture on Twitter or Facebook.

>> Get the twibbon